Chapter 21

Xtiana stepped on staircases that led to a chamber in her house. Chamber was an enclosed dungeon she built underground of her main building. It was a place scarce of any littlest comfort or whatsoever. Her stiletto heels pounded the wooden ground as she prowled in antsy. She got to the dungeon and pressed a small lobe at the entrance, a click sound responded and that made Xtiana squelch the door knob. The opening of the door gave way to a very murky room. Pitched blinding darkness illumined the room. Xtiana strutted stealthily to where a creature was being tied down. Being a werewolf– her crisp-sightedness couldn’t be debarred by the blinding darkness of the room. A clattering sound of chains and fetters ruptured the silent of the chamber as the creature twitched at the stealthy sound of someone. Creature had grown stocky beard. Beards that looked so filthily fit and enticing to fungus, amoebas and croton bugs to have bedtime. His hair also had grown bushy enough for parliament of owls to erects their cottage on them. His body was scurvy with wounds and lesions all over.

“You are not dead. 16 years and you are not dead. What really are you ?” Xtiana said to the creature. The creature who was her captive. The captive who was no other person than Ryan Jericho.

Khalid and Tamara sat side by side on the ground of the cave. It was a eerie night. The night that would alter their destiny and change the course of fate. But unfortunately neither of the two teens was oblivious of the ominous sound punching the night. They looked happily bonded as they chatted and japed uncontrollably, holding each other hands and resting on each other chest.

What Tamara didn’t know was that the moment she snuck out of their cabin, her mother who already knew where she was going had signalled to the Laraba’s council who in returned had released troopers to accompany her capture Khalid so she would be reinstated as the alpha. All they needed was Khalid’s dead body to do that.

“Khal look at that” Tamara pointed at the yellowish moon appearing in the sky. “Mom called it Luna. She said I should always make a wish whenever it appears”

“Really ? So what do you want to wish for ?”

“Something so important to you and I but I rather wait till you make yours. So you first Khal.”

“But I don’t know how to do that” He said with a moue face.

“Just say after me.” Tamara held her two palms together, closed her eyes and respired–while Khal did the same thing in ditto to what Tamara just did.

“Dear moon in the sky. Dear crimson Luna of the high. Your beautiful face has appeared once again, to carry the heavy laden on my heart’s surface. Hear my cry, oh moon, hear my pleas oh luna, listen to my heart and respond to my heart desires ..” Tamara stopped and hit Khalid light on the shoulder.”Now quickly make a wish Khal”

Khal coughed and said. “I was told my father vanished but never died. I want you to bring him back to me cause I want to know him and I want to see him and mom back again. I want experience a perfect family with them both. Also, all my life, I have lived in this town, I want to go to the big city so that I can school there and later become a medical doctor to save lifes.” Khald stated, while Tamara muttered;

“Now my turn.” She retuned to her former posture. “Dear luna all I wish from you is grant Khal his heart desires and also I want him to always remain by my side forever. Nothing should ever come between us now or never. ”

Before Tamara could opened her eyes, she felt something wet on her lips. She opened her eyes to see Khalid ogling at her. His eyes filled with passion c-m pure lust and love.

“W-w-what did you do that for ?” She didn’t want to stutter but sh did. A deep hunger stirred in her innards. A pricey hunger not even food could quench–but for one thing. Something.

“I-i don’t know. I-I guess I’m sorry.” His voice slurred out.

“Why are you sorry ?”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“But you are not. Is that why you stopped ?”

“Trust me I don’t wana stop.”

“Then don’t stop!” Tamara said coyly as she drew Khalid’s face closer.

Another round of passion was ignited–as the two lurked in the ecstasy. Their lips waddled into each other while their tongue threatened to start another third world war. The passion was crazily hot–Hotter than the ranging flame itself — but nevertheless it supposed blisters oozed out bliss between them the teens. The two teens kissed voraciously, crazily and raveningly devouring their tongue slurpingly. They kissed and kissed till they arrived at something. Something that was able to slake the hunger burning inside Tamara. Something Khalid would cherish forever.


“Release me and you would know what am I ?” Ryan snorted.

“You don’t have to vaunt Ryan, you can’t do nothing. My witch has made sure of that. All your power has been seeped away from you right from the first day you are captured” Xtiana poked his index into his whiskers in contemptible way.

“You should even be thankful to me you know ? You remember I saved you from Salmad ? C’mon you dont have to be an ingrate.” She twirled around then keeled to a corner of the where an iron plate was. The plate contained a red liquid. She carried it and returned to where Ryan was.

“You saved me to torture me. I shouldn’t be grateful for that. ” Ryan grunted.

“No I didn’t save you so I can torture you. Let just say I saved you to for my own malefic desire.” She said as she dipped her middle finger into the liquid inside the plate, then a red substance covered her finger. She raised it above Ryan’s forehead making the latter fought to stable his mouth in the position for his mouth to get a good droplets of blood from Xtiana middle finger.

“I guess someone is hungry.” She sizzled mutteringly.

“And what is you malefic desire that made you keep me for 16 years without killing me.”

His mouth hankered for more blood. His eyes were pleading for that despairingly but he knew more than the fact that tidbits had always been what he got since the time he had been held captive.

“You really want me to tell you.” Her mouth pouted mockingly. “Sure I will tell you.” She stired the liquid inside plate with her finger. ” You see let’s just say I’m obsessed with being the leader to my kind. I really wanted to be an alpha to the Larabas and there was no way to do that, than to make Luciana looked like a failure at the eyes of the council. So when I found out that they were going to capture you, I had to devise another means to disrupt their plans by imploring the help of a witch. I shot Salmad cuz I knew attacking him would be so glaring that his death was caused by a werewolf, something I didn’t want. I shot him and the witch helped me render you feeble and powerless so I can keep you here. I knew as much as your death wasn’t confirmed, Luciana would be ousted from being the leader.” She finished talking and fed Ryan another droplet of blood.

“But now that you have me in your custody why haven’t you killed me. You could have easily done that without the knowledge of anybody?”

Xtiana paused what she was doing and dredged a stale look on him before uttering; “Don’t tell me you’ll love to die.”

“At least death is preferable to this torture.” He grunted.

For 16 years his eyes hadn’t greeted any form of light while he only lived on tidbits of blood. The chains and fetters keeping him in bondage were laced with vervain and wolfsbane–and those were oozing the most pretty excruciating pain on him. Ryan had lost his powers also hence he would have mind-controlled anybody to come for his rescue. Often times, his mind roamed to how Regina was fairing and how grown up his son would have been.

“Well I’m not killing you for a reason. A reason I wouldn’t love to divulge to you. Let that be my little secret. But for now I came to give you a bad news.”

“What ?” Ryan asked. What could also be bad than wallowing in hell for sixteen good years.

“It’s about your son. I guess I haven’t told you you have a seed out there. Well fortunately you have. And information reached us that he goes to the cave I abducted you and mourned your demise often times. But mind you he would soon be dead. Cuz Luciana and the soldiers are already on the hunt for him.” Xtiana bluffed while Ryan’s eyes turned pale. This was the first time he heard something about his son.

“No. No!! you can’t kill him. Khalid mustn’t die” Khalid shook the ironclads used to truss him down in despair. The clattering sound sent shivers on the werewolf’s face.

“And what makes you think so. He should even be dead by now.”

Ryan’s face slued into a rigid one. He shook his head and said, “because one day he would come for me. He would come to rescue me and that time I will be able to kill you myself.”

Xtiana got angry at the statement that he bashed the plate she was holding on Ryan’s head. The plate shattered to debris and blood tickled from Ryan’s head.

“Let’s wait and see.” She spat and scudded out of the donjon.


“This is blood, isn’t it ?” Khalid asked befuddled.

Tamara nodded. “Yes it is”

“You are a virgin ?”

“Yes -ss”

“But why did you ?”

“Do-do do what ?” A snivelled tempting to pop out from her voice–symptoms she wanted cry.

“Why did you give it to me ?”

Khal please quit asking me dumb questions. I gave it to you because I love you.” Tamara retorted as she erupted finally. Tears cascaded her face forming beeline on her face. “I love you so much Khal that I can’t even think straight anymore. All I see you and I don’t know why. But I’m not complaining, as a matter of fact I love it that way. I love the way I love you Khal.”

“I’m sorry Tamar.” Khal said as he fondled her shoulder. “I love you too”

“Are you sure ?” Her eyelids flickered and rested on the Luna above in the sky. She remembered she had made a wish. A wish that stated she wanted Khal to be with her forever. Tamara had never fancied mom’s words before but for now, she couldn’t helped but prayed that mom’s words should be true. If mom’s words were true– that means the moon would have possibly grown ears to hearken to her wish to make Khal stay by her side forever.

“Yes I am.” Khalid muttered as he made to cloth Tamara’s hone body of the robe ecstasy snatched away from her.

“The Luna is still up there, can we make another wish ?” Tamara asked.

“Yes but that’s after you.” Khalid said as he struggled to put on his brief to cover his manliness.

Tamara sat up straight and curled in a yoga posture. She was so emotional and debile that she hoped the moon should for once just listen attentively to her wish. Her last wish actually. Because if it could do a grand favour of making this come through, then she wouldn’t dare make another. If Khal was hers, then she needed absolutely nothing again. Nothing whatsoever. Nothing to wish for anymore.

“Dear moon in the sky.” She began while Khal watched amorously, “Dear crimson Luna of the high. Your beautiful face has appeared once again, to carry the heavy laden on my heart’s surface. Hear my cry, oh moon, hear my pleas oh luna, listen to my heart and respond to my heart desires. Don’t make Khalid go away from me. Let him stay with me forever and forever. Let his smile wake me up in the morning. Let his touch send me to the wildest dreams every night. I love this person so much. Luna please keep him save for me. Oh luna, just do only this for me and I behest to always adore you.” Tamara finished reciting. But alas! Wishes weren’t horses–because if they were, beggars would also ride.

Tamara opened her eyes to see what she dreaded most. Three arrows flew towards them and within milliseconds, the arrows pierced through Khalid’s heart. Khalid slumped down immediately.

“Khaaaaaalidd! Nooooooo!!!!” Tamara yelled as she motioned towards him and felt his heartbeat. His heart had stopped beating. Khalid was dead. She raised her eyes to see hordes of troopers gaiting towards them with horses. Amidst them was the face of her mother peeking with bows in her hands.

Story continues..

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