(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 6
Wisdom quickly stood up and Tochi dried her tears when they heard Mrs Desmond coming.
“Tochukwu!” The mother’s called from the passage.
“Yes, Mama!” she responded and met her at the door. She collected a bag from her hand and took it inside.
“Good day Mama” Wisdom smiled.
“Good day my son” she replied and took a seat. “I heard you have graduated”
“Yes Mama, and i passed my exams”
“Is that so?! Congratulations!”
“Thank you Mama. I also gained a scholarship to study abroad which is actually the reason why I’m here to tell you”
“Hey! You mean you are going to obodo oyibo?!”
“Yes, Mama”
“Come my son, come let me bless you”
Wisdom knelt before Mrs Desmond and Tochi came out at that time watching her mother lay hands on him speaking positive words then she smiled unwillingly. Wisdom stood up after the blessing and said, “I shall be on my way now”
“You will visit us again before travelling, abi?” Mrs Desmond asked.
“Yes, i will” he replied and looked at Tochi who glanced at him without smiling.
“Tochi, i will be going now” Wisdom told her.
“Bye bye” she responded without looking at him then Wisdom left.
The mother could see her looking sad and her eyes wet with tears again.
“Tochi, ongini?” she asked.
“Nothing, Mama” Tochi replied and began to walk inside but her mother called her back.
“You can’t hide your feelings from me. I am your mother and i carried you for nine good months. So tell me, why are you so sad?”
“Nothing, Mama. I’m not sad”
Of course the mother knew that she was probably sad because of Wisdom’s trip to abroad but she kept quiet and never wanted to dig into it. “You may go and eat your food” she concluded.
“I’m not hungry” Tochi walked inside her room.
New prefects and SS3 students emerged in Winners International Secondary Schools. Tochi was given a post as the head-girl and another student called Kingsley as the senior perfect who had also been with them from SS2. He was also intelligent but not as Wisdom. He came to school as early as 6:30am and began to monitor students. He had a flat stomach and chocolate complexion with a low-cut hair. On his wrist was a digital watch and on his feet were black fitted shoes. He sighted Tochi coming then he smiled.
“Hi, Tochi” he said.
“Good morning, Kingsley” Tochi greeted without looking at him or smiling.
“You don’t look happy. Is everything okay?”
Tochi didn’t respond to him rather she passed and walked into her classroom which made Kingsley wonder what he had done to her.
Students began to come in large quantity including Linda who was always close to Tochi. They monitored junior students who were sweeping their various potions. Linda could see Tochi not looking happy so she asked, “Are you okay?” but she didn’t reply rather she concentrated on the junior students.
“Hey, remove those grasses” Tochi instructed the little girl.
“Which of them, senior?” the little girl asked.
“Are you blind?! Or did i make an obscurity sentence?!” she yelled at the girl and walked out angrily, then Linda became surprise of her attitude.
“What’s her problem?” she murmured and followed her. Immediately the bell rang for assembly.
Tochi took over the assembly looking unhappy. She monitored and sang hymns with students. As she sang, Kingsley admired her. Of course he had an idea of her relationship with Wisdom but didn’t mind. The principal came out with Mr Anuma after the national anthem. He stood before all the students and said, “Good morning students?!”
“Good morning, sir!”
“I want you to inform any of our students who took waec examination that their results are now out online. Secondly, i am happy and proud of them all. I can boldly announce to you that our former senior prefect, Caleb Wisdom made an A in all his subjects!”
Students began to clap and shout.
The principal continued, “And because of that, he has been given a scholarship to study abroad!”
“Oh Lala!” Mr Anuma exclaimed and students rejoiced except Tochi. Linda looked at her and understood why she had been very sad lately.
“So, this should be a lesson and a challenge to you all to work hard and be studious. Understood?!” the principal concluded.
“Yes, sir!” the students replied.
Mr Anuma took over when the principal left. Immediately, a car packed at the sight of everybody. A young and beautiful girl without a uniform came out through the back door and Tochi watched Kingsley as he went to her immediately.
“Who are you please?” he asked.
“I am a new student” the girl replied smartly.
“Of which school?”
“This school”
“No, you aren’t a student of this school yet”
“Because you’ve not been registered”
“Well, my mum will do that now”
Kingsley turned and saw her mother then he directed them to the principal’s office.
“Good morning, students” Mr Anuma began. “Whether you are a sanatorium or top-ranking person feeling sanctimoniously, without education you are nothing!”
Students shouted..

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