Episode 7
Dad: i made a mistake somewhere along the line, buh z nt even important anymore. What matters z dat Mr Patrick has found his way into d board of the Smiths limited and with each passing day, they ar getting stronger and trying to edge us out. Do u knw wat dat means if dey succeed? We would have lost everytin, this family entire fortune is tied up in Smiths limited. He paused
Charles: dad, hw did dis happened.
in a very somber voice, dad told me how he made huge capitals investment that threw d company into financial turbulence.
Dad: it got so bad dat i had to seek a loan from a bank to run d company, wen d due dates of repayment came, we were in no position to repay the funds. A finance house offered to buy up shares equivalent to d amount of loan taken and to pay off d bank. I refused initially, but i had little option, i was later dismayed to find out that d finance house was owned by Mr Patrick, my long tym foe, who z now on our board. And now the investment i made ar yeilding huge profits. Mr Patrick wants me out.
Charles: was dat wats responsible for ur illness, dad
Dad: of course not. am nt growing younger, son, age z begingin to catch up with me, in couple of months tym, i will be sixty five.
Charles: i unstd d situation quite clearly now, dad but even at dat, i must ask wat u want of me, how do we tackle dis pblem?
Dad: our enemy sole mission z to kick us out. am nt as young as i used to be, that z where u come in, the next board meeting hold few days time. I shall introduce u as our second nominee to the board, frm now on, u have to learn fast and be ready to climb d saddle.
Dad and i talked for a long tym, and quite surprisingly, my interest and eargerness to be part of it all grew. Power seemed to flow between us, frm father to son,frm son to father. After our discussion, dad left and also i left for my room, just den my phone ranged.
Guess who

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