she came out from the bedroom where she was and took the empty plate, not forgeting to bring a holandia yoghurt and a sachet water along, she returned from the kitchen looking different, I never had the chance to look at her very well when she came out from the bedroom,but this time everything is crystal clear. This girl had gone in there to change, she was now wearing this sexy and see through dress, the cloth is so transparent that you can see her bare yansh and boobs, I discovered immediately that she wasn’t wearing any pant because her butt is visible enough. My little junior wanted to react to stimuli but I was seriously begging the little fella to calm down, all to no avail the thing kept growing in size and grace against my will, I managed to place my literature book ontop of it to hide the growing bulge. We sat and started conversing as we gulped the holandia youghurt together.
” Tell me the area in literature you find challenging so that we can tackle it once and for all ”

” Figures of speech and Dramatic elements ” she responded

” ok then, lets get to business, come closer ” eager to do my work

” I think we should go to my room, my writing materials and other stuff is right there, we can do it comfortably there, or what do you say” that was her humble response

” okay, lets go then ” I said with a smile, she responded with a smile too and led the way. She opened her room and I entered looking around, the room is so neat and well kept, with several pictures of celebrities hanging on the wall, just a typical girls room.

” Your room is looking great, I like it ” I complemented

” oh thanks, its nothing though, I was even thinking its not all that nice looking ” she laughed
she pounced on the form like a goal keeper and beckoned me to join her, since there is no chair within reach, I had to humbly lie my humble body on her humble form. I brought out my textbook and started to preach my sermon,no time to waste, but I discoverd she wasn’t following atall, she was busy staring at me….when she couldnt endure it any longer. She gave me a surprising kiss on the lips, hehehe I never saw that coming. She stuck her lips on mine, that was strange to me and at the same time sweet. I have seen people kiss on TV, but never experienced it real life, so if I am not mistaken thats my first kiss, I was confused on how to repay the favour, that was one hell of a passionate kiss, I was left at the mercy of linda the naughty girl, she climbed on me and continued kissing, then all of a sudden she stopped when she discovered I was not following along. She looked at me and came down from my body.I was visibly shaken, if you check my body temperature then, you will discover that it is hot enough to boil a water. I wanted her to continue because the feeling was out of this world, so thrilling and sensational, but lacked the courage.
” are you okay justice ” she said to me looking into my shy face ”

” yes, I am okay ” I said with a shaken voice
” are you sure ?”
” yea, just that… ”
” just that what? ” anxious to know
” just that its my first time ”
” dont tell me that you are a virgin Justice because I wont believe you ” she laughed
” I am serious linda, its my first time of doing this ” I replied
” really ”
” yea ”
” but you look so adorable and cute dont tell me you have been wasting this good look all this time, girls I believe will be hell bent on getting you laid, hmmm lucky me ” she said with a sinister smile, this girl no de shy oo, what must have given her the morale to be this wild. She stood up collected my literature text book and kept it on a nearby table.hehehe ghen ghen! Action don set oo, what is she upto this time? Watchout for the next update

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