Maria sat on the bed when she came
out from the shower, took a can of
cream from the wardrobe and applied it
slowly on her skin.
‘so what did you say happened again?’
Maria asked Abby who was seating on
the chair opposite the mirror.
‘i said Chuks was involved in an
accident’ Abby said.
‘why?’ Maria asked foolishly. Before she
could stop herself from asking such, it
was already out of her mouth. The look
Abby gave her alone sef, she regreted
what she said.
‘sorry’ she said ‘i meant to say what
happened’ she said.
‘Susan just called. She said we chould
come to her house so we could go and
see him together. You know his parents
might be there and if she goes alone,
what will she say she is to him but if we
all go together, we could say we are
classmates which we are’ Abby said.
Maria sighed.
‘na wa oo. End time is near oo’
‘which one be end time is near oo? Did
you hear me say he died eh?’ Abby
‘eh eh, what about your birthday party
sef?’ Abby asked.
‘hmm, that one. I heard dad gave
grandma money to take care of the
preparations’ Maria said.
‘and what about your shopping?’
‘my dear, i dont know oo. Dad has not
even coughed a word about it oo’
‘why now?’
‘hmm, i dont know oo but Abby
something happened yesterday and i
need to tell someone about it’
‘have you told your dad or your
‘i told my dad but he didnt believe me’
‘what is it?’ Abby asked.
Maria took a deep breath and told Abby
‘this….your story is,’ Abby said stylishly
grabbing her bag ‘ridiculous!’
‘its the truth Abby, i saw my mother’s
ghost here in this room!’ Maria said and
Abby jumped up immediately.
‘erm…you see Maria, my uncle actually
sent me on an errand and uhm…i think i
have to get going’ Abby said and
headed to the door.
‘wait! What about Chuks? Are we not
going to see him again?’ Maria asked.
‘erm, no! Maybe next time’ and with that
she banged the door and ran as fast as
she could out of the house
Breeze started blowing from nowhere.
The window was locked and the AC was
turned on but breeze was scattering
everything on the table.
‘what is happening?’ Tony asked as if
Alice could provide him the answers he
was looking for.
‘i dont know. The window is locked
right?’ Alice asked.
Tony looked at her, then to the window
and back to her.
‘isnt it obvious?’ he asked and just then
he ws swept off his feet by some
unknown force, he found himself lying
on the ground.
‘Jesus!’ Alice screamed and rushed to
‘are you okay?’ she asked helping him
on his feet.
‘yes….i’m okay’ he asked looking around
The breeze raised Alice’s gown up, it
infact blew it over her head and she
found herself standing with just her
innerwear on.

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