Fred sat on his chair in the office,
thinking and thinking of all Queen
Lateefa had said the previous night. He
was very grateful that Kofo didnt die, oh
yes, Kofo was very precious to him.
‘you will have to choose between your
wife and a stranger’ those words said
by Queen Lateefa kept ringing in his
ears. Was he ready to make his
daughter miserable again. Not ever! He
had made the mistake before, killed
Benjamin and Alice refused to move on.
If he kills this new suitor of hers, she
might commit suicide or blame herself
for the death of all her suitors.
Talking about suitors, he knew Alice
was in no realationship so what was
Queen Lateefa talking about? Or was it
the guy she introduced to him the other
day? No, they were just friends. Alice
would have told him if there was
anything more to their friendship and
even if there was, he wasnt even sure if
he could kill again, to destroy his own
daughter’s happiness.
Alice meant the world to him but what
about Kofo? If he fails to kill this new
suitor of hers, Kofo will die and he
wasnt sure he could bear the pain. He
was frustrated. At a point he began to
regret ever joining the kuvudu cult. They
had brought him nothing more than
He had to kill his only beloved elder
sister in order to save his life. This elder
sister of his had done so much for him.
She even had to sacrifice her own
education just for Fred to go to school
and she even hawked just to be able to
fend for Fred. Their parents had died
after the birth of Fred and his elder
sister had assumed the role of his
mother and father. What didnt his elder
sister do for him and how did he pay
her back? By sacrificing her to Kuvudu
The very first person he had sacrificed
to the cult was his uncle, then his sister,
his father in law and mother in law, his
daughter’s fiance and now its either
between his wife or his daughter’s
At a point he began to cry, what has he
gotten himself into? How can he go
out? How did he even get there in the
first place? Then he remembered God,
he needed God at the moment.
He picked his car keys and went out.
Alice quickly reached for her clothes in
order to hide her nakedness. Not like
she was shy or anything but just that it
was an office and anyone could walk in
on anytine but anytime she moved an
inch closer to her clothes, the farther it
flew away.
Tony pulled his suit and wrapped it
around Alice. The breeze had already
stopped blowing, he picked the clothes
and gave it to Alice motioning her to
dress up in the bathroom.
Tony picked up all his documents that
flew away and arranged them slowly as
Alice dressed up in the bathroom and
came out.
‘what just happened?’ Alice asked.
‘its a mystery, i’ve never experienced
such before’ Tony said utterly confused.
‘there must be an explanation to this
Tony. This breeze undressed me, i dont
understand at all!’ Alice said.
‘Alice calm down. I’m as confused as you
are. First of all, lets clean up this mess’
Tony said and Alice shrugged.
They slowly arranged the documents in
their right places. Tony was arranging
some on the shelf, when his eyes got
hold of something. A hairpin.
Oh yes! And the hairpin was familiar. It
belonged to his mother in law, Nneka!

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