Rumours making the rounds in the entertainment industry is that indigenous hip-hop head, Reminisce has been skin toning (bleaching).

Reminisce however has responded to the rumours in a brief chat with Sunday Scoop crew of punch newspapers.

“It is a wicked rumour for people to say that I bleach my skin. Those who know me from way back will tell you that I have a fair complexion, and I always try to take care of my skin by eating good food. I have never used any type of bleaching cream and I’m not about to start now. In fact, that’s the worst rumour I have ever heard about my person,” he said.

The “If e no be God” crooner shared with Sunday Scoop is source of inspiration.

“I am inspired by God and my environment. I was also inspired by a lot of people to start music. I think everyone in my generation was inspired by Michael Jackson. Snoop Dog, 2face, Biggie and many others inspired me. At a point in time I knew I could do it professionally. Firstly, I developed the interest in listening to other people and afterwards, I said to myself that I think I can do it. You must start from listening to other people; you don’t just discover your talent.”

The chat didn’t end without the rapper speaking about his relationship with the ladies and female fans.

“I’m not a ladies’ man. I am always with my boys, I don’t go out, I don’t go to clubs, and I make music. I go out only when I have events

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