Episode 21…
****we got to akure by 6:40pm. Racheal asked john and Mrs Mathew if they would sleep over to her house. But they declined and claimed that they have to resume to each other working place because they only asked for two days off work. Therefore they were grately compensated for the time taken by racheal, even though they wanted to rejected it but ‘one good turn deserve another’ as pinpointed by racheal which made them to collect each others gift. They both joined Ibadan car at express road in akure. I promise to pay them a visit on of these days, even though I was told that my property has been moved out of my place to one of my coworkers which made me concluded that it would be waste of time go back to Ibadan without much to meet and that might even alert opeyemi by any chance if people start congratulate me and spread the rumour. I asked john and Mrs Mathew to keep my coming back a a secret in order not to loss tail of oepyemi. (Deep down inside of me that opeyemi would never be at Ibadan for sure), five minutes later we connected express road to band road and pass through The road that next to corpers’ lodge and arrive at a certain mega terrain two storey building. I was marvel when I saw where racheal live and my mouth drop ajar*****

Racheal:***”press the car horn*** this is my house!! You lie it???

Me:****surprised*** wooooow… sure!!!

*****hausa gateman came out from the small down****”*”

Gateman:****opened the gate***** welcome madam!!

Racheal:****drove in**** how are you musa???

Gateman:****rush over to collect the bag from her***** I am Fine ma!!!

Me:****I was just looking at both of them like a drama play****

Racheal: is anyone asked of me????

Musa:*****shook head to depictdepict no*** nobody ma!!

Racheal: where is halima???

Musa:**** doubting**** may be she went to market!!!!

Racheal:*****ha ha**** does she not tell you her movement???

Musa: jus said she is coming just now and carried basket.

Racheal: OK! You can coming in oluwafimihan…

Me:***surprised to see her called me by my father name**** eeeeh, yea!!!

****she is ascending the staircase,, while I follow from behind like a secretary******

I have been observing her that from ground floor to second floor, all the doors she opened were opened only from the keys she held. This made me concluded that their is absolutely no one inside the house before hour arrival. But I was eager to know who halima is… since she never talk of anyone esle except her;

Racheal:****drop the bag on the chair in the sitting room**** take your seat jerry!!!!

Me;****called me by name this time**** OK! Thanks… for today and everything.

Racheal:*”**stating at me**** will you stop that now???

Me:*****scared to cause ruckus**** is there no one inside???

Racheal:****smiling**** yea… this is my persona apartment….

Me:**** personal apertmemt??? Ais she not living together with her husband, mupy mind ask myself*** eeeeeehm, who is halima???

Racheal: ****suspicious of my mood*** she is my maid ****stating at me***” are you curious by any chance???

Me: aigooo… never! ****Laughing…*** where us your husband??? Is she not coming back home???

Racheal:***staring at me**** hope you are good jerry???

Me:****displaying*** yea… of course. Just wanna know when will she be around…

Racheal:**** laughing***” jerry oluwafimihan ayànfé racheal lòjò to tí pé! I know you when you’re nervous. That is why you are so cute!

Me:**””scared!!! Ayànfé ké?**** I am not nervous… just that I want to meet you kids!!***I used this to get more info****

Racheal:****displaying that kind devil smile**** you know what?? Neither my husband nor my kid is coming home tonight!!

Me:******yeeeeeeee iyàwo lawyer alone under the same room… Temí bàmí lòní…!!!******

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