(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 9
Esther wore a jean trouser and a red top walking to and fro in her room with a phone on her ear. Her face looked charming and beautiful in her red wetlips and white powder. “Oooh! i just called him few minutes ago and now he’s not picking my calls. What is the problem nah?!” she murmured and dialed the number for the second time.
Chester’s phone rang again as her mum and Maria stared at him quietly. He looked at his mother and glanced at Maria who gave him an attractive smile.
“Pick your call, son” the mother told him before he gradually pick it.
“Why did you refuse to pick my call?” Esther asked on the phone.
“I’m sorry, i’m in the middle of something”
“You got me worried”
“I’m sorry dear”
“Are you still coming?”
“Yes, I’m coming”
“Okay, I’m waiting” the line went dead then Chester stood up and said, “Mum, i have to..”
“But we have not done talking” the mother interrupted him.
“We have talked about this before, Mum”
“I think Maria is in a better position to talk to you. Don’t prove stubborn” the mother concluded and went upstairs leaving both of them behind. Maria stood up in her classic and beautiful appearance. Her voice alone can drive men crazy. She gently walked up to Chester and both stared at each other…
Kingsley entered into his classroom without smiling or looking at anybody. He sat down on his seat with his face bent downward. Vivian monitored his movement and that of others from the back of the class but she was unaware that Linda was also staring at her. When she turned and saw her, she shouted, “What’s your problem?! Why are you staring at me like that?!”
Linda didn’t say anything rather she withdrew her face from her. Her voice brought the attention of the few students inside the classroom but none said anything rather they minded their businesses. Just then, Tochi entered.
“Kingsley, Mr Anuma wants to see us immediately” she said and glanced at Vivian. Kingsley stood up instantly and followed her. On their way, he said, “It seems like we have a troublesome student in this school”
“Who could that be?” Tochi asked with looking at him.
“The new girl”
“Yes, that’s true”
“I wonder what could be the cause of it”
“You know some people are troublesome right from birth and her case is no different”
“I think you are right” they giggled and Kingsley admired her with the corner of his eyes. Of course Tochi noticed it but pretended not to see him.
Maria took another step forward and said, “How can a handsome boy like you choose to school here in Nigeria than abroad when you have all the opportunities you need? Moreover, it will be a good time for us to know each other”
“I make the choice of my institution, so you can’t decide for me” Chester replied and took a step backward.
“You have to listen to me and your mother. Don’t make yourself equal with local people” she looked into his eyes.
“I’m sorry i have to go” Chester said and walked towards the door.
“We shall be leaving in the next two weeks. Think about it” Maria concluded before he finally went out.
Esther was outside when Chester arrived. She glanced at their door and the roadside to notice her parents presence. When she finally saw they weren’t around, she hugged Chester happily.
“I can’t believe you are this happy” Chester reciprocated.
“Believe it oh” she disengaged herself instantly. “Please, come inside” she added.
“Are your parents around?”
“No, they aren’t”
“Let’s sit outside”
“Why?” she asked but Chester didn’t respond rather he moved to a cemented area. He sat down there and also told her to sit.
“Why don’t you want to come inside?” Esther was still inquisitive.
“Nothing, i prefer this place than inside” he replied.
“Okay” she said happily and showed him her new phone. But she noticed his mood changed after sometimes, so she asked, “Is everything aright?”
“No” Chester responded. “My parents are on my neck” he added.
“They want me to school abroad”
“No nah, i thought we agreed to school together in the institution we applied for. Please, don’t go anywhere i beg of you” she became sad.
“I have told them but my mum won’t let me be until i agree”
“Please, talk to them again. You can’t leave me all alone here”
“I’m not leaving you, okay?” Chester looked into her eyes.
“I promise not to leave you my dear” he replied and they smiled at each other. Just then Mr Godwin, Esther’s father drove in and they stood up immediately with their hands folded downward. Esther ran to welcome him when he came down from the car while Chester also moved slightly forward.
“Welcome sir” he greeted.
“Thank you, who are you young man?”
“Daddy, he’s the one that checked my result. He’s my classmate” Esther defended.
“Yes, Daddy”
“What’s your name?” Mr Godwin turned to Chester again.
“I’m Chester Silva” he replied.
“Silva Luis?”
“Exactly sir”
“He’s a popular business man”
“Yes, sir”
Hearing that, Esther smiled and glanced at Chester..

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