‘i’m so sorry Alice, dont cry’ Tony said in
an attempt to calm Alice down but it
seems the harder he tried the louder
she cried.
‘oh God! Why me’ she wailed.
Kofo was at one corner with her own
sympatisers. She wasnt crying but her
eyes were very red. Crying for over two
days non stop has wiped away her
tears or perhaps they were dried up.
She couldnt imagine life with out Fred.
She attempted to take her life but luckily,
Angela saw her and called the attention
of others.
Felix was sent to one of Kofo’s sisters to
live with. In the condition the whole
household was in, he shouldnt be there
because he might not get the love and
attention he deserves.
‘its not the end of the world. If you can
survive your fiance’s death, then you
can survive your father’s. Besides look at
your mother, do you think you are in
much agony than her. Do you think its
easy for her that she lost her husband?
Come on Alice, be strong. At least for
your son and mother’ Tony said.
‘you dont understand do you? My dad is
my everything. The reason i’m still living.
If it hadnt for my dad, probably i would
have commited suicide after Benjamin
died six years ago’ Alice said and cried
the more.
‘why?!’ Tony asked. It was silly he knew
but he wanted to know.
‘when Benjamin died and i found out
that i was expecting a baby,
mum….threw me out of the house. She
called me names. Called me a harlot. A
w—e. A disgrace to my family. Then
father was out on a business trip. When
he returned and found out what
happened, he came back for me but i
wasnt ready to go back. Thats why i
started living on my own’ Alice said and
‘why would she do that?’
‘because….because….she never liked me
but she claimed she did’

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