‘i dont believe that. Your mother really
cares for you’ Tony said.
‘yeah, she does. But she couldnt stand
by me through one of the trying times
of my life. She called me a disgrace. Only
my father consoled me, took very good
care of me but my mother….didnt do a
thing!’ Alice said crying the more.
Tony drew her closer and placed her
head on his chest.
‘dont cry anymore Alice’ was all he could
say over and over again.
Alice looked up and saw the proud
looking figure standing before her.
‘Gilbert! You!’ she asked furiously. Tony
also looked up and saw him.
There was fury in Gilbert’s eyes. He was
angry to see Alice with Tony again. He
had come to personally console her so
he could probably get her to develop a
soft spot for him.
He quicky covered his anger with an
annoying smile.
‘hi’ he said.
Alice jumped up and landed him a hot
slap on his cheek. Gboosa!
Everyone turned their eyes towards
their direction.
‘get out! I am mourning my father and i
do not have time to deal with an idiot
like you!’ Alice said in anger.
Gilbert looked down in embarrasment
and with the little pride he had left, he
turned and left. He felt like crying! What
a shame.
‘you shouldnt have done that. He
probably came here in good faith to
sympathise with you’ Tony said.
‘that guy is up to no good. He’s nothing
but badluck and nothing good comes
from him’ Alice said.
Those words rang a bell in her head.
Somehow she felt someone had told her
that before.
‘Alice is up to no good. She is nothing
but badluck and nothing good comes
from her’
Kofo had said those words to her when
she found out she was carrying Felix.
Tears flowed from her cheeks. Amy
soon rushed in like she was being
chased. She ram and hugged Alice
‘i’m sorry about your father’s loss dear.
Take heart’ she said to Alice.
Gilbert drove like a mad man. He was so
angry. He kept on hitting the steering,
cursing and hissing at intervals.
‘d–n you Alice! You must pay for this!’
he cursed in anger as he drove to St
Joseph Hospital. He pulled up front of
the hospital and came down. He entered
the hospital and went directly to where
Anabel was sitting.
‘ha! Uncle Gilbert’ Anabel said after
raising up her head and seeing Gilbert.
Gilbert looked around before facing
‘how far with our runs?’ he asked.
Anabel smiled.
‘i have everything under control Uncle
Gilbert’ she said.
Gilbert made a fist.
‘what do you mean that you have
everything under control huh? Dont you
know that Alice lost her father? If you
want to be a good friend, shouldnt you
go and console her? You should have
told me that you cant do the job instead
of letting me waste my time on you!’
Gilbert fumed in anger and left.
Anabel shrugged.
‘abeg sef. How much you even pay me?’
Anabel said and hissed.
To be continued

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