A Cheating Night just an ordinary night that turned extraordinary. the wife had an early Saturday, being a top hairdresser, and we both knew a little to much party and she would be no good at work. her girlfriend and i did drink a little being we neither had a early day planned. we all three would hang out and drink most weekends. her girlfriend having a man friend over once and awhile. still a beautiful

woman the wife did not carry the body of old… her girlfriend on the other hand was quite S£xy-attractive. Hispanic-black she had the S£xiest eyes. soft looking full lips. large breast with nipples i had noticed on other occasions that love to press thru her blouses. a thick young lady but a small waist that curved out to the fattest round ass and S£xy hips. all other nights they two or we all three would party i did never disrespect my old lady by doing anything flirtatious. we all could even talk S£x… even about naughty S£x… the Mrs was a sound sleeper and her few drinks earlier and sleep aid was doing its work this night. she retired the second floor and passed out snoring. we down stairs continued to conversed. i was still a quite well built black man. 5’11” and 200 pounds solid and muscular. i love to work this 40 year old body out still. i think we both felt something… we were never at a lost for words… her blouse was opened and large breast began to rise and fall thru the v-neck exposure.

i was in my usual cotton shorts and form hugging white t-shirt. we shared opposite ends of the living room couch sipping our drinks. we both stared for a moment at the dark stairwell then at one another. i arose from the couch slowly my thin shorts no longer hiding my thick hard erection and grabbing my shirt from the waist removed it in one lifting motion and returned sitting. my gesture gave way to her standing and pulling her tight fitting button up blouse out the waistline of her short denim skirt and the unbuttoned further it. the seethru bra showed her large round beautiful breast and the thick S£xy nipples i knew were hidden there. i readjusted the bulge in my shorts and slid closer cupping her DDs in my large open hands. i squeezed firmly and softly sliding the material away exposed her thick erect nipples. i let them passed thru my long fingers and gently squeeze them. she softly moaned and melted into the back of the couch. i leaned forward and gave both a gentle wet kiss from my outstretched tongue. her moans showed signs of approval. i slid onto my knees in front and between her S£xy thighs and parted them she opened wide and balanced on the carpet her toes in the S£xy heels she wore. she only wore a thin g-string that was very wet. i lifted her thighs on my strong broad shoulders and slide my long wet tongue in. she began to shake immediately. i pushed in deeper using my lips to suck in on her swollen clit. her nails went across my naked back scratching and clawing. then to her mouth were she pulled away and quietly came squeezing her thighs tightly. i moved back to my side of the couch and with a naughty grin look at flushed face and S£xy grin back at me… that was enough for now… i cannot wait for the next time…

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