Episode 1
*****Sunday, by 4:00pm 4days after the incident****
***I was inside taking a nap and contemplating when will I return back to school and stay away from this problem created by the people around me*** I feel like they have crook-up the whole issue to deal with me immediately I come back from school. And I am not going to take it at all. Especially, the Fu¢king thing ibidun want to put on my head. If it is this line she wants to stop my education. I won’t allow such to happen in the twinkle of my eyes, not even while I am still breathing like a human being…

***in the middle of contemplating I heard a knock on my door***
I thought it is mummy who is knocking the door. I don’t want to open it because it is enough for her Torry over my life. Of course she can’t decide what to do for my life, I am now mature. I can now make a decision… The knocking on the door continuing to a certain level which really become unbearable and I force myself to speak:

Me:***a very determined voice*** who is that???

Floxy: it is your guy, open your door…. Why you come lock yourself indoor as this?

I wanted to swear for him for put me through what has been happened to me since five days ago, but I firstly swallow and pocket my pride for some minutes of Drama that will come to life after my silence.

Me: ***opened the door and returned back to my bed***

Floxy: wetin dey, y you no come pick your phone????

Me: nothing, I just feel good nor picking call for now and what good would it do for picking it?

Floxy: haha! Why that?

Me: firstly, let me ask you something….

Floxy: what is that?

Me: were you and ibudun crooked up this issue against all this while?

Floxy: is that why you are not picking my call all the while? and why would I b crooking something against you with ibidun?

Me: are you sure about what you are saying?

Floxy: why this act now…. Oh, you meant the issue of last time? Of course I tried to stop her for coming over, but she told me that she is already at your home and could nt find you. That is why I border not to pursue her no more. You be chairmo na, I believe you go set thing right. Is that why you decide not to pick my call again? As you know that if not today which is Sunday? I may not have time to come visit you. Just dress up and let role out joooh….

Me: when you ready to stop the drama you are into, you will tell me all you know about the whole issue.

Floxy:***serious*** Woooo, lemme tell you why i come by. I dreamt overnight today and it really making me wonder what could that dream really mean.

Me: **†**so divaricated***(I just wan to hear the nonsense he want s to say..…)

Floxy: I see someone want to give you a something. But instead for you to receive such thing, you them turn you back against that person.

Me:*** put devil smiling on my cheek slightly**** so, what happened next?

Floxy: I don’t know what the person trying to give to you, but when I was calling you name. You didn’t turn to look at me either. I tried to turn to the person, perhaps, if it is something I can help you to collect. Yet I didnt see the person again as well. That is what scared me to come and inform you about it sah.

Me: floxy, floxy,floxy? How many time did I called you?

Floxy: three times yeeeaaaa……

Me: are you really my friend?

Floxy: ***joking** do my colour change abi you want to die?

Me: floxy, it shall not be well with you.

Floxy:*****surprised***** why?

Me: if an Angel that holds the key in the morning says; it shall be well wit you, the one in the night will not make it come to reality….

Floxy: *****stood up immediately**** are you mad? Why are you causing me?

Me: am I causing you like that? I am praying for you and you should be saying amen.

Floxy: then, should I prayer such prayer for you?

Me:**** stood up too and begin pushing him out of my room**** just leave my house, after you don’t collect bribe from ibudun parents. You come here dey form story with me.

As I dey push am off my room and he begun to feel reluctant that is how we begin to fight each other. He punch me in mouth while I quickly returned my own back to his eyes. I got my mouth cut a bit while he got own this eyes swelling up. The neighbors and my people started to gather around to separate us. I wasn’t care any longer because some have already known what transferred between us since four days ago. After we got separated, some people started to ask what happened:

Neighbours: floxy, wetin happened? Why u nah dey fight?

Floxy:***panting*** I don’t know for him ooo

Me:****panting as well** you don’t know for who?? You wan tell me say you don’t know that ibidun done get pregnant and dey force it on my head. Nah me you too dey cook story for because they done liaise with you abi?

Floxy: ibidun do whaaaaaattttttttt???

Me: ****screaming**** go your papa house and ask him again….

Floxy: ****shouting**** you papa in heaven too….

******We wanted to lock horns again like rams in a grass land, but people came between us and made us go our ways. While floxy was asked to go directly to his home in order to avoid ruckus****** Some days after, me and floxy find it difficult to reconcile again. This issue is what led to separation of me and floxy to begin with at the moment. I really dont know why it hàs to be like that, but, ( tí ààrárá ò bà bí wéré, òmò kékéré á mà pè légbè wòn) if dwalf doesn’t act so strange, the little Kids will believe he is one of them. I don’t know why I had to end it with him, but sometimes friendship became enemy for no reasons. I think a hero dies for the person who thinks he is a hero. Perhaps we have stopped seen each other as a hero to simply put! What later clear to me is that who is pursuing something ahead, is actually leaving some other things behind.

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