‘wh…what are you talking about
daddy?’ Alice asked.
Suddenly she saw butterflies. Her dad
wasnt there.
‘daddy!Daddy!!Where are you?
Daddy,dont leave me alone, daddy
Kofo and Angela watched as Alice kept
shaking her body muttering some
incohorent words.
‘daddy,dont leave,me please!’ Alice kept
shouting.Then in her unconcious mind,
she grabbed Kofo’s skirt.
‘daddy,you promised that you will never
leave me alone,daddy please!’
Kofo out of anger beat her hand away
with full force.
‘idiot!Wake up!!!’ Kofo screamed.
Immediately Alice opened her eyes.
‘daddy,daddy,daddy’ she continued
‘will you shut up you fool!Who is your
daddy?You better get up before i
descend on you with hot water!!’ Kofo
said with a smile.
Alice jumped up immediately sweating
‘what happened?’ she asked.
‘mtcheew! I am so sorry Angela for
accusing you for nothing. This stupid
girl just wanted to be shameless again.
Thank God we didnt take her to the
hospital!!’ Kofo said turning to leave,
then she sighted the briefcase and
She turned to Alice pointing to the
‘you sure do have an explanation to this,
dont you?’ Kofo asked.
Alice froze as she stared at the suitcase
wide eyed.
‘will you answer me!’ Kofo barked
‘where did you get this from eh?’ she
Alice panicked. She stared at her mother
with fear.
‘i….i…your room’ Alice stammered.
‘you need a braincheck’ Kofo said.
Nneka could neither eat nor sleep for
days after learning of Fred’s death. She
had wanted to attend his funeral but
she was scared, scared of Queen
Whenever a KUVUDU member dies
tragically, no member is supposed to
attend, be it your brother, or your
husband or what have you. Should you
attend, then your burial will be next.
She couldnt believe that Fred was gone.
Even though he was no longer a part of
her, or even married to her, she knew
she was greatly disturbed and pained
over his death, probably even more that
his own wife.
She rolled on her bed uncomfortably,
shedding tears quietly, for Fred. For Fred
who was no more, for Fred who never
married her, for Fred who despised and
rejected her, the more she remembered
how Fred had humiliated her front of
his wife 29years ago, the more she
She had vowed never to forgive Fred
and hate him for the rest of her life but
she still loved him no matter what.
‘you this married woman running after
a married man like me, stay away for
It echoed in her ears. It was Fred’s
birthday so she wanted to surprise him.
She had lied to her husband that she
was going to visit her mother then.
When she got to Fred’s house, she was
shocked to see another woman, a
pregnant woman for that matter. She
was shocked. Who was she and what
was she doing here?
‘who are you?’ the pregnant woman
who she later learned to be Kofo asked.
‘i should be asking you that question!
What are you doing in my boyfriend’s
house?’ Nneka asked violently.
‘excuse me? What are you talking
about?’ Kofo asked.
‘dont play dumb with me jare! Why are
you in my boyfriend’s house and who
are you sef?’ Nneka asked.
‘this is my husband’s house. Sorry, you
missed the address, try next door’ Kofo
‘husband’s house? You are the one who
missed the address my dear. This is
Fred’s house, my boyfriend, so try next
door!!’ Nneka said angrily.
Kofo suddenly burst into laughter.
‘honey! Honey!! Come oo. One psycho
just disappeared from a psychiatric
hospital’ Kofo called amidst laughters.
‘what?! Who is a psycho? Look, respect
your pregnancy and leave this house,
right now! I mean this moment and
never…… Eh eh, Fred is here sef, who is
this monkey here?’ Nneka asked af Fred
entered the sitting room with an open
‘what are you doing here Nneka?’ Fred
‘that didnt answer my question Fred. I
said who is this monkey standing
here?!’ Nneka said angrily.
‘watch your language Nneka because
she is my wife and not a monkey’ Fred
‘wife? What wife?!’
‘are you clear now? Fred is my husband.
My dear, go and display your market
somewhere else, my husband is not
available for you oo’ Kofo said with both
hands on her waist.
‘you this married woman running after
a married man like me, stay away from
me!’ Fred said sending triggers into her
‘oh,oh! So you are the slutty mrs who
has refused to stay one place eh?!’ Kofo
said in a mocking tone.
With the way she sounded, Nneka knew
Kofo already knew, she felt betrayed.
Tears flowed down her cheeks.
‘Fred….you betrayed me, betrayed my
love, betrayed my trust, you!!’ She
‘hey, hey, dont even go there! Were you
expecting me to marry you, you? A
married woman, dont you know what is
called taboo?’ Fred asked.
‘but it wasnt a taboo when she
consistently slept with me without stop
abi? You used me Fredand then you say
its tabboo? Ah,Fred youare heartless!’
‘you are the onewho is heartless! You
that is sleeping withanother man
whenyouare married nko?’ Kofo hissed

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