Episode 9
Mr Patrick walked right in and almost by silent concession, the man sitting directly opposite dad, at the other end of the table, moved aside for Mr Patrick. The young arrogant man with him sat beside him just as i sat with dad.
There was silence for a while. I guess everyone else just like me were waiting for mr Patrick to explain why he was late and also the unwelcome presence of his young thug..,
If the young man can leave, we will continue with the meetin, dad said.
Mr Patrick: the young man name z Emmanuel Okoro. A little bird told me that u brought a second nominee so i felt that as equal partners, i am also entiled to a second nominee.
Dad lost his temper in the xtics way i do always known, with much shouting and rantin @ mr partick abt wanting to tear dan d smiths limited with his develish attempts, Mr Patrick too, a man of great vocal power and by no means of level temper, rose to the occasion, the board room literally shock. I tried to get in a word but no one was listening. Everyone was shouting and taking sides.
Dad u got to control ursef. I tried to calm my dad, he was past reasoning, if he heard me at all. Dad, the workers! What sort of example ar u settong? I was shouting as loud as i could.
It seemed to register but dad couldnt resist one last yell. That did it. I ve taken much as i could. I picked my brief case containing my files and diary and stormed out of the board room with rage. I left for home.
Well could remember dis was hw i felt wen i broke up with sheila. I rush in to take a glass of brandy. I had many thoughts on my mind. I was abt to take d second glass when my good old Ignatuis stopped me. He had been with the family for over twenty years, he was really like one of us, as a kid he was the closest friemd. I admired him for his humour and more importantly, for his wisdom.
Charles: pls allow me
Ignatuis: dont allow our enemies to push u into doing what u wouldnt ordinary do, if that happens, u would have lost the battle half way, i knew they would upset u, long before u went for the meeting this morning, but u ve got to be strong, a lion’s cub would utimately grow up to be a lion, it falls on u to show them that u ar a true son of ur father. Brandy wont help u.
Just then, the phone began to ring, ignatius picked up the mouth piece, spoke for a moment and call my attention.
It’s for u, Charles. A call from port har-court…
Waaaat! Port harcourt! I wasnt sure if i heard it right. Only one person could call me from that city, Mercy and no one else. I rushed d fone, galvanised into action. In my excitement, i almost tripped as i made for d fone, women! To think that she had been behaving like i wasnt any big deal and now barely twenty four hours, she was on d line, i took d fone and spoke confidently and cheerfully.
Hello Mercy!
My spirit took a sudden dive as a male voice answerd from the oda end of the line.
No boy, this z nt Mercy, this is ………

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