Episode 3

on getting back to my class,I met my class mate making noise ,some girls created clique saying or should I say gossiping about things I know doesn’t concern them (u know girls na with gossip nature) since there was no teacher in class…I went to my sit to copy the scheme of work given to us by Mrs Ajumobi

from my sit mate isaac who was also my bestie..we have been close friends since primary, he was the gentle type and we share some other similar characters, this made us close as we understand each other irrespective of our tribe and religion( he was the son of a pastor while I hailed from the Islamic family)
me: hw fa guy, abeg give me ur note, I wan write that scheme of work Mrs ajumobi give us
Isaac : wetin u been dey think for class then ?( giving me a questioning look)
me : guy you no fit understand o
Isaac : make me na or u dey hide something from me
I was about giving him a reply when Nicky came to our desk with her open teeth ( one of the girls my brother said was giving me a green light)
Nicky : hi guys( she said smiling)
‘ hi ‘ we both chorused ( Isaac reply feeling so delighted while I felt unconcerned)
she faced me ignoring Isaac,
Nicky : kunle, how are you doing..how was holiday
me : it was fine
Nicky : I know you don’t miss though I miss you so much
me : really!!…I miss u too ( was already getting tired of the discussion)
I looked at Isaac signalling him to help me out, instead he made matter worse by leaving us for another but I notice he looked a bit angry …’ maybe he was angry because nicky left him out of the discussion ‘ I thought
Nicky was just smiling as if she was happy with the whole drama
‘ why are you smiling ‘ I asked
” nothing am just happy having you all to myself ” she replied
I gave a questioning look ‘ what do you mean by that’ I asked, she was about answering me when our chemistry teacher came in.
she went back to her seat not without telling me to wait for her when the school closes..” kunle please wait for me after school today ” she said while leaving my desk …’ okay ‘ I replied
Isaac later joined me after she left but was moody all through the class, he ignored and frowned to all my jokes
‘ whats the matter ,why are you moody’ I asked … ” nothing ,please let me be” he replied.
this got me surprised, I decided to let him be maybe with time he might open up to me.
I guess today isn’t really a good day ,first it was Cyndy ,now my close Friend… ‘ what a day! ‘ I said to myself


class became boring till 1 pm in afternoon when we closed for the day…I didn’t even bother waiting for my brother and colleagues that we do follow this same route home coz of being delayed.. I felt a bit weak and tired that I wanted to be home as soon as possible…

few steps outside the school compound, I hear my name ..I looked back only to be see Nicky running towards my direction ” hi ” she said greeted panting ‘ hi ‘ I replied walking away at a slow pace she walk a bit a fast trying to catch up with me

Nicky : kunle, what’s wrong with you ,you look a bit weak ( touching my fore head with hand)

me : Nicky am okay, thanks (wasn’t comfortable with the touch )

Nicky : I asked you to wait after school and you didn’t ..dats not fair kunle ( forming a crying face )

‘ wetin do this one ‘ I thought but being the cool guy ‘ sorry ‘ I said

me : so what do you want to tell me( felt curious) guess it must be so important

Nicky : yea

I stopped walking and so did she …

me : am listening

Nicky : I don’t know how to start ,am a bit shy

me : start anywhere and please be fast about I need to get home on time( checking my wrist watch )

Nicky : there is this guy I have been liking for a very long time, in as much I try to get his attention i fail and it hurts, I don’t even know if he feels the same about me ..what do think I do ?

Me : ( sigh ) hmm, I think some one is falling in love here ( giving her a playful smile ) its easy na ,just tell him

Nicky : what if he doesn’t the same way I do ,lots of girls likes him too..I feel I don’t stand a chance and believe me it hurts (she bent her head feeling sad )

I raised her head up ,looking into her eyes (mehn those pretty eyes were worth falling for as they spark with emotions)..’ who is this lucky guy ‘ I asked feeling so concerned, ready to help but she kept silent.

we were in this position when some of colleagues passed ,some were just hailing us,the ladies playfully calling us husband and wife,

‘ you guys should have atleast be patient ,get home before displaying this love by the road side ‘ amara said while others laugh ..I felt a bit embarrassed that I couldn’t raise my head up till they went dia way.

not long I saw Isaac and my brother coming our way, Isaac was just moody while my brother gave me this naughty smile with a thumb up which I just ignored.

me : so Nicky,pls who is he and I promised to help you out any way I can ( just wanted to go home ).

Nicky : wow …really !! you promised o

me : yes

Nicky : he is no other person but olatoye olakunle ( she used hand to cover her face ,guess she was shy)

‘ wow! That is really cool! ‘I said…it took me 5 seconds to remember that my name was olatoye olakunle

me : what!!!(i shouted)which olakunle ?

Nicky : the lucky guy as you so called it is you, I really feel for you Kunle for a very long time but you chose to ignored me…

I just kept looking at her like a dummy feeling so speechless.. tried opening my mouth but no words came

after few minutes of staring ,she gave me a questioning look as if her life depended on my answer ” so…” she asked looking deep in the eye to read my expression

‘ we will talk tomorrow bye !! ‘I managed to speak and ran away from her presence…I ran fast as my body could go and didn’t even bother looking back

‘ why today of all days ,if I had known I wouldn’t have come to school today ‘ I said to myself still running

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