28 Salvation Road Episode 6
The fact that the garri was gone is not just heart breaking , it is also hope shattering, am very sure it was that Noel of a guy that ate it, but how in the world did he even find the garri, I went straight to the parlor with a combination of anger and hunger writing all over me , I met Noel and Mekus discussing about what I didn ’ t care to know Me : which of you two commited this atrocity?
Mekus :
what atrocity are you talking about ? Me : who ate that last garri in the bucket Mekus : we did but … Noel : so na you go hide that garri abi, you think say I no go see am , see me be like sun, nothing is hidden under me Me : so Noel , na you commit this evil ? Noel : hahaha, so you dey speak pidgin? Me : guy , as you chop that last garri now wetin you expect make I eat like this , hunger don rent three bedroom flat for my belle Noel : guy no worry, God go provide, just pray Me : you know say sko sko dey your brain , I dey tell you say hunger don already wan finish me , you dey talk say make I pray , shey this place resemble israel wey manna dey fall ? Noel : oga calm down, I dey tell you make you pray so Mekus brother go come quick , he don already dey on hin way and I sure say he go bring some foodstuffs come , so just wait and belief. .
Femi walked into the parlor looking very angry and down casted , he started complaining about how Noel ate the last garri in the house without remaining for him, I felt pity for him but when I heard that he had hidden the garri to eat alone, I cared less, I totally forgot that Chuks was on his way , it must be the hunger and hardship disturbing my thinking , I immediately dialed his number and he picked after the second ring, I asked where he was and he said he was in a taxi coming to the house, I told him I could not wait to see him but in fact , I could not wait to see the foodstuffs he was coming with , I informed the boys that Chuks was already on his way to the house and they all rejoiced shouting hallelujah


We had driven about ten minutes when my phone rang and I saw it was Mekus , I picked up and he asked me where I was, I told him I was in a taxi heading to his house, he then said something about how he could not wait to see me before hanging up . The drive to Salvation road was rather tiring as there were hold ups here and there , one of the things about Lag that I learnt quick , we drove about another ten minutes after leaving the last hold up before the driver stopped in front of a two storey building with a red gate Driver : oga na the place be this So fast, the place no far nau , why did he charge me one thousand five hundred? I thought Me : oga you sure say na the place be this ?

Driver :
na salvation road be this and na number 28 dey this gate Me : okay abeg wait make I call my brother Driver : do fast abeg, other passengers dey wait for me I dialed my cousin ’ s number and he picked almost immediately, I told him I was in front of his gate and he said he would be out right away , he soon walked out of the gate with two other guys I suppose to be his friends , I immediately rushed to hug and shake hands with my little cousin , I also shook hands with his friends , they asked how my trip was and I told them it was nice , they helped me off load from the taxi boot as I brought out my wallet to settle the taxi , as I brought out a thousand naira note and a five hundred naira note and handed it to the driver , one of Mekus friend asked me how much he charged me , I told him and he got really angry and started insulting the driver calling him a thief, Mekus and the other friend joined him but I stopped them telling them not to bother about the money, I was just happy to be in Salvation road. .
When Mekus informed us that his cousin was at the gate , I breath a sigh of relief , at least hunger no go kill person, we all went outside the gate and the guy rushed to hug and shake hands with his cousin , he also shook our hands . I was busy off loading the foodstuffs from the boot when I saw him hand one thousand five hundred to the driver , I asked how much he was charged and he said one- five , what the fuck ! From village abi na from ojota ?, the thing wey be say I go trek and e no go take me pass thirty minutes, I began to insult the driver calling him thief, Mekus and femi soon joined me and we almost started fighting with the driver but Chuks stopped us telling us not to bother about the money, he said we should just welcome him and that ’ s exactly what we did , WELCOME TO SALVATION ROAD CHUKS

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