‘i’m cominggg’ Abby shouted as she ran
to the door and opened it.
‘Maria!’ Abby called. She was surprised
to see her.
Maria smiled at her and entered without
being invited.
‘what are you doing here?’ Abby asked
sternly still holding the door knob.
‘to see you of course and to inquire
from you why you’ve not been picking
my calls’ Maria said still smiling.
‘i am not under any obligation……’
‘sure you are not! Just wanted to know’
Maria cut in immediately.
‘good you know, so please leave my
house. I do not want to mingle with
cursed people!!’
‘you heard me, i dont mingle with
possessed beings who are out to ruin
the world so abeg madam Maria, comot
for my house abeg and mind you, my
door is no longer open to you, not now
not ever!!!’
‘i beg your pardon? Are you trying to
say i’m cursed?!’
‘you no know before? You are cursed,
not just you but your whole family!!’
‘how dare you!!’ Maria said and landed
her a hot slap on her cheek.
‘did you just slap me? How dare you!!’
and with the speed of lightening, Abby
slapped her back.
Maria was mad with fury. She grabbed
Abby by the neck, pushed her down and
landed serious slaps on her cheek.
Abby wailed and wailed, wishing her
uncle was around.
Maria didnt stop, she picked a cable
wire that was lying carelessly on the
ground lashing it on Abby’s bare legs.
‘Maria please!!’ Abby said as she winced
in pain.
Maria dragged her hair so badly that
Abby began to feel serious headache, so
many bruises on her face.
‘stupid girl! Who is possessed?!’ Maria
‘who did this to you?’ Gilbert asked
concernedly on seeing Abby’s badly
beaten face.
Abby sobbed ‘its Maria’
‘Maria? How what did you do?’ Gilbert
‘she came here and i told her to leave
that she was possessed and all of a
sudden she started beating me!’
‘just like that?’
‘yes uncle’
‘are you sure?’
‘well, in that case, you are wrong. You
shouldnt have told her that she was
possessed, but all the same, she was
wrong to beat you like this, sorry about
that’ Gilbert said.
‘but she is possessed now! She is
‘how sure are you that she is
possessed?!’ Gilbert said flaring up.
‘she is possessed, thats all i know!!’
‘look Abby, if you want us to live in
peace here, you better reconcile with
Maria, whether possessed or not!!’
‘but uncle…..i thought you said that i
should stop……’
‘i did say so, but i change my mind.
Tomorrow morning, you will go to her
house and apologise to her. You must
apologise to her, am i clear?!’ Gilbert
said sternly.
‘uncle why?!’
‘you will not understand Abby, just do
as i say’ Gilbert said.
Abby stood up furiously.
‘no uncle. I refuse to reconcile with
Maria, now now, not ever!!’
‘then you should be ready for me in this
house, because there would be no
peace…and i wont pay your school fees.
Have i made myself clear?!’
‘habe uncle, how can you just change
your mind like that now? Thats bad!’
Abby said.
‘bad or no bad, you being friends with
Maria is for my benefit!!’
To be continued

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