Episode 2
*******on the day of incident…. A minute later after my younger brother told me a woman is waiting for me inside******* I stated contemplating outside:

****does she come to broke the news to mummy?**** I stood before the door and was contemplating what will i say if i eventually meet ibidun inside. The game is only over if you know what card your opponent is holding. Lost in thinking what will I say. The door of our house was opened ajar and mummy step out of the door. My heart froze and don’t know what to say and why:

Mummy: you have come back?

Mme: he! hemmm yea!

Mummy: your friend is waiting for you inside…..

Me: eh! Who?

Mummy: *****take devil eyes look at me**** who do you ask to come?

Me: I don’t know who is he?

Mummy: he?

=***dragging me to the corner of the house***

Mummy; when do you start invite a woman to home?

Me: woman?

Mummy: be careful of your frivolous and tantrum act. I won’t say more than that.

**** she left me Where we were talking****

I sense that the girl that came has not updated her any info. That firstly brought joy in to my heart. As I enter my room, I saw Monica sitting down on my reading table. Then my heart relieves a bit.

Monica: ****turn around**** oh! Where have you have being since?

Me: *** shaking my head*** I went out. And after all, you didn’t inform me that you are coming. Do you think you can just check me anyhow and if my mummy turn to misunderstanding n’ko??.

Monica: stop making a fuss about this. I wanted to inform you but my phone down since morning. Yet, I never thought you won’t be at home.

Me: and you can’t make your younger sister number to call me?

Monica: I just don’t want her to know I am coming here nah… It will be too early to let her know such.

Me: must you call me in her present?

Monica: ****frown*** am I here for an interview? will you please stop this interrogation please. OK! To let you why I don’t call. Thought I would meet you with another lady. That is why I didn’t inform you.

Me: don’t tell me you are monitoring me!

Monica: yea, something like that!

Me: eeeeehm, I am speechless!!!!

Monica: j-tee, stop being so modest. You should know that I missed you, that is why I am here.

Me: thanks! Have heard you….

****I remove my clothes and hang it**** she stood up and wants to start touching me.

Me: stop this…., you know mummy is at home. She may Come in anytime from now.

Monica: don’t tell me, you being monitoring?

Me: yes, just like you are monitoring me….****I excuise myself*****

**** Her case is typical example of Yoruba adage which States: mother is in deep thought and child is making yam powder food(amala). Everyone is facing with his or her warrant*****

Me: let me see you off. I need to sleep.

Monica: are you pursuing me?

Me: of course not. I just need to be alone for now. Let see other time.

Monica: what of tomorrow?

Me: no!!!!!

Monica: then when?

Me: next week would be better…

Monica: nope! I will check you on Sunday when I am going Church.
Me: ***** U just have to discharger her at that moment *** ok then! Till den….

I kiss her and seen her off a little bit. When I return back to home, I felt bad for monica as a ladies for the first time in my life. I thought Star-crossed lovers always seem to find each other and fall in love. That kind of love anyone can dream off is not in my heart towards her..

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