‘JESUS!!!!’ Kofo screamed as she saw
Alice lying unconciously on the floor.
Angela heard the voice but wasnt sure if
she should go or not.
LEAVE ME ALONE, GOD!!’ The wails of
Kofo entered Angela’s ears. At a time
she became shaky, she tiptoed towards
the room where they were and peeped.
Her eyes nearly popped out of their
sockets. Apart from Alice on the floor
with foams on her mouth, the look of
the room.
A pot emitting smoke, the red curtains
and the candles that never burns down.
The crawling live snake crawling around
what looks like an alter. Human skulls,
woman b—–s and littered everywhere.
A black long outfit hung on the wall
with a red and round scarf. She nearly
fainted when she saw a mysterious and
scary lady seating on a golden throne
on the alter, fanning herself with what
looks like a stick with human hair tied
around it.
The woman was laughing loud. And the
most scariest thing, the woman had
two horns on her head. Jeez! Shivers
ran down her spine.
Kofo heard the laughter and raising her
head, she saw this woman.
‘JESUS CHRIST!!!’ Kofo screamed.
The woman laughed so loud that the
house began to shake.
‘blood of Jesus!! Who…..who….are you?’
Kofo stammered.
The woman laughed ‘i am Queen
Lateefa and you just trespassed’ she
‘tre…..tres….passed? Who….really….are
you? And wh….at how did you get here?
Wha….t brought you here?……what is
your……relationship here?’ Kofo
‘patience woman! I will answer your
question in accordance to how it was
asked. I am Queen Lateefa, the queen
and the head of KUVUDU OCCULT. Well,
your husband used to be a member of
the great KUVUDU OCCULT and this
happens to be his alter. The place he
attends the meeting from, the place he
calls me from, is here. Where all his
sacrifices are made, here’ Queen Lateefa
said ‘how i got in here? I am always
here. My spirit lies in the secret
chambers of all KUVUDU OCCULT. Why
i’m here? You tresspassed. You entered
my territory. You wanted to know what
you shouldnt know!!’
‘you semon from the pit of hell! I do not
care what part of hell you come from,
but with the power in me and the blood
of Jesus, i command you to be
destroyed!’ Kofo said with courage she
didnt even know where it came from.
Queen Lateefa laughed, disapeared and
reappeared before Kofo.
‘who is Jesus? Jesus is my mentor. We
are in all of this together. Infact he is
even a member of KUVUDU and is under
me. Hahahahahahahaha’ Queen Lateefa
Kofo looked down at Alice. She couldnt
believe she was standing face-to-face
with the devil. Oh Fred!
‘who…..are you really?’ Kofo asked
wondering if she was dreaming.
‘how many times do i have to introduce
‘i…dont believe you. My husband Fred is
not an occultist, he was a good man, a
christian for that matter!!’
Queen Lateefa laughed ‘well, i am a
christian too and i go to church hahaha,
devil goes to church as well, infact both
me, Jesus and Angel Michael go to
church together!!’
‘are you a demon?’ Kofo asked.
‘your husband is the demon not me!’
‘you liar of a demon! My husband is
‘then explain why he never allowed you
into this room. Explain the death of your
parents and the fiance of your so called
daughter. Look woman, a tragedy
which you will not be able to explain
will befall you. You will be very
‘oh my God!! Why me? Fred is innocent,
he is innocent!! He is innocent!! He is
‘your husband died because he wants
to go to God! Well, the spirit of KUVUDU
is stronger than that of the Lord your
God! Hmm, do you believe me now?’
Angela felt she was dreaming. Was she
seeing the devil with her two eyes?
‘argghhhhhhhh!’ Kofo screamed.
Queen Lateefa laughed and disappeared
leaving a cloud of smoke behind….
To be cont

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