Me: (should I tell this girl about bissme’s HIV?????, if I should tell her, she will have a diluted mind against me, she won’t be sure I wasn’t infected, she will just be avoiding to get close to me talkless of having sex with me, because she will think I have also contracted the virus)………she was pregnant and she

tried to abort it and gave up to ghost………
Suzzie: hhhaaaaaaa so pitiful, my best daughter, may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace…….take heart dear, don‟t worry I will find you another girl

Me: (see this mumu, mrs. distributor, who told you I still want olosho????even you self, I don’t want again, I now have my family) …………….Don’t bother, I am now a married man
Suzzie: so soon???????????
Me: not what you think????? I already have a lost family which I later found just of recent

Suzzie: heyah congratulation all the way……but that shouldn’t

disturb you and I oooooooooo, because I must chop out of that money
Me: but you are also married now

Suzzie: what are you now insinuating????? Don’t you want me again????haven’t I married the last time I came to your house?????just tell me if you don’t want me again
Me: who am I to say so?????
Suzzie: better, I am coming to abuja this week! Please get the house tidy and the stadium tight before my arrival

Me: wooowww, the match will be an extra superb but I have relocated back to lagos….so I’m no more in abuja

Suzzie: shit…..I don’t think I can come to lagos…..so our

meeting is not gonna be this week again neither this month again..chai feel my present look as I’m chatting with you.. (She sent 3 picture of her nudes……she was only on a small

bra that pomp-up her breast while those breast were almost out of their cage, and wasn’t on any pant, she was tickling the clitoris as she was chatting with me, I deduced that from a video she sent to me thereafter)
Me: then when? Please come to lagos……..I will get you the

best accommodation, so please come, I have missed you so

much (and like seriously, I have missed this girl’s toto and especially her cowgirl’s style riding)

Suzzie: my husband is coming to lagos for a business matter, so how do you expect me to come to lagos also

Me: haaaaaaa see you…….as big as lagos is, how can your

path be crossed??????? Ah beg stop being childish jur
Suzzie: ok I will be coming on thursday and will return on saturday because he is returning on sunday and won’t like not to meet me at home
Me: that will be fine, I will right now book up the hotel…..

Suzzie: hotel?????? Why not one of your house????
Me: my wife usually attend those houses, and the one that is secured will be accommodated by my friend that wanna visit me this weekend, though he is not that sure but wana assume he is coming, so don’t worry, you are save in that hotel I’m lodging you to

Suzzie: ok, if you assure me sha………..I’m collecting my money

ooooooo, don’t forget ooooooo, it won’t be like that one I did for you for free in abuja ooooooooo

Me: money is not the problem ok?????? Let chat later, I have a call to attend to………I closed the chat…………………….., the call

was from femi, he told me he is on his way to the airport, I wish him a journey mercy and I asked when he will be back, he said by weekend because he is not staying long atall, we talked about many other things before I got another call on my second phone, I ended up with femi and I switch to temi….

To be continued.

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