‘her phone is switched off’ Amy said
obviously disappointed.
Gilbert shrugged his shoulders still
staring at Amy. He didnt know what to
say or do.
Amy dropped her phone and raised her
two hands up.
‘Gilbert, i promise you, i will convince
Alice to love and marry you but please
spare my life’ Amy pleaded.
‘i have no intentions of killing you my
dear. I just realised that you might be of
more help to me and killing you. Infact
killing you wont be of any benefit to me’
Gilbert said and Amy shrugged in relief.
‘thank you, thank you so much for
sparing my life’ Amy said, consistently
sighing in relief.
Amy looked up at Gilbert with her heart
pounding very fast like what is he
gonna say again? Hope i’m safe.
To her surprise, Gilbert just stood up.
‘but…..you will work for me and….you
wont betray me, else, i will kill you and
that stupid fiance of yours. You will give
me every information that you gather
about Tony and you will have to do
anything and i mean everything. And
you must not betray me, i repeat’ Gilbert
‘what? You dont want to do it? No
problem, you can die if you dont want
to’ Gilbert said pointing the gun
towards Amy.
‘its….its alright. I will work for you’ Amy
‘good’ Gilbert said lowering the gun.
‘but…..but what will you do to
Tony…..and Alice?’ Amy stamered.
‘hahahahaha, why do you want to
know?’ Gilbert asked.
‘ju…just wanted to know’ Amy said.
‘why? So you can betray me? Look my
dear, dont try to do anything stupid
because if you do, your life is at stake
and so…..’
‘dont be silly Gilbert, i wont try anything
stupid. Do you think i’m insane? Will i try
to betray you if i know that i would die?’
Amy asked.
‘i dont trust you’
‘then why try to……’
‘i do not trust you enough to tell you all
of my plans but you will eventually get
to know all of my plans if you play your
part well (he checked his wristwatch). I
need to go. Its past 3am. Gosh! I spent
alot of time here!!’ Gilbert said.
‘alright. I will see you off to the gate’
Amy said.
‘that wont be necessary’ Gilbert said as
he reached for the door knob and he
turned ‘good night’ and he left.
‘what is it mum?’ Alice asked ‘what is
the secret that you’ve always wanted to
tell me?’ she asked.
‘you really want to know?’
‘yes mum, tell me. Tell me one of those
your lies’ Alice said and eyed Kofo
‘its not a lie my dear, its the truth’ Kofo
said and Alice scoffed.
‘let me hear it’
‘i loved my husband more than i loved
you even you are my only child!! Thats
the secret i’ve never told anyone!!’ Kofo
said and left.
To be cont

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