A Neighbor Has a Problem What would you do? I’d moved into the neighborhood about a year ago and had one of the two houses at the end of the cul-de-sac. I’d met the guy next door about a month later and we hit it off. I’m single and he’s married, but we both had similar interests… repairing our own cars, wood working, watching sports and we were both in the technical field. His expertise
was computers and mine is machine control… two geeks. He’d come over and we’d work on one thing or another… my tools were better than his and his entertainment system was better. After a few weeks he’d invited me over to watch a Saturday game and I met his wife. I’d seen her before and we’d waved but I hadn’t known her name and never been introduced. They were a happy couple with no kids. We were all within a few years of each other in age… but where he and I fooled ourselves into thinking we were still physically fit… she was. I mean she had put on a few pounds… judging by photos I saw in the house… but they were all in the right places. With no kids to support she didn’t work… although I suspected that she’d rather have been working than house-sitting. I mean she kept herself busy… volunteering and maintaining the house… and yard… but contact with people was more or less limited to the people she volunteered with or for. She was about five foot four and was still very beautiful. When we watched the games she would both sit with us… and occupy her hands with something… or she’d find something else in the house to do. She followed his sports so that she could talk about them easily enough… and knew the stats better than he did. Occasionally she’d actually get wrapped up in a game or a race and be rooting for her favorite. I’m a strange guy… I don’t believe in encroachment. I mean I’d never try to get serious with a friend’s wife or girlfriend… or make a pass at them. There are enough ladies in the world that I can always find one if I need to. I’m not handsome… or alluring at all… but I don’t have trouble… except perhaps in finding the ‘right one’. There I seem to have failed miserably. Even so… I’m reasonably happy… and have my share of my most favorite sport… S£x. S£x has always been number one with me… and I mean if they ever find a way to judge you by what goes through and passes into your mind… I’ll be arrested and confined away from civilization. My libido is too high… my S£x drive too geared up… my thoughts too wild. Case in point? If I were given a chance… and didn’t purposely restrain myself… set limits I won’t cross… I’d have propositioned my neighbor in a heartbeat. She was truly one of a kind. I’d have deliberately spent all of my time spying on her… trying to catch an image of her… a nude or partially nude image. But I hadn’t… well… almost hadn’t. There were a couple of instances… but except for maybe one… they weren’t planned. He’d invited me over one Saturday morning… and apparently she’d been busy elsewhere and lost track of the time or something. Anyway when I knocked on the door he hollered for me to come in and make myself home while he had to run into the garage for a minute. As I came into the living room… I heard him going out the inside door to the garage. I started walking toward the sofa… passing the main hallway to the bedrooms… when I heard a noise and turned. At the end of the hallway was the master bedroom and the door was opened. I heard her singing softly to herself… and then she walked to a closet on the opposite wall. She was totally nude… and I mean every thought I’d had of her beauty was satisfied… she was statuesque… truly perfectly proportioned with ample breasts that were self-supporting and the most beautiful ass I’d seen in a few years. She reached into the closet for a moment and then kneeled to do something… probably pick up a pair of shoes. Her cheeks spread as she kneeled and then she turned just enough sideways that I could see a breast in profile. When she stood again… the muscles in her trim thighs and long calves rippled in the morning sunlight. She stood and walked at a very slight angle into the bathroom at the side… and suddenly I realized that I had been spying… and only her disappearance had brought me from the reverie. I noticed that my pants had grown tight and I adjusted myself and walked to the sofa. Needless to say… my mind that morning wasn’t on the game. He came back a few moments later, turned on the game and seated himself in his favorite recliner. She came in minutes after and brought chips and dip, something to drink and wore a sleeveless flowered sundress. She took the space at the opposite end of the sofa… and her hair was just slightly damp. Half-way through the game her hem had slid up… she was sideways on the sofa and I caught a glimpse of her… she was nude under the bottom of that sundress. We’d said hello… and she never knew. Our backyards are surrounded and separated by high wooden fences and gates. Our garages are on opposite sides of the houses and so my kitchen looks out over their backyard and is high enough that I can see all but a small part of their yard… the part between their garage and one of their bedrooms. That spot is slightly recessed between them and not visible. I’d taken a day off from work and intended doing some catch up at home. About ten that morning it had grown warm and I shoved the stuff aside and decided to clean up the kitchen… especially the dirty dishes. I always rinse dishes and stack them in the dishwasher… but I only hit the button about twice a week. I was just getting ready to hit that button when I heard a noise next door. I stood to the side and glanced out. She was just coming out the door in that sundress… completely unbuttoned and wearing nothing beneath. She was carrying two towels and a small bottle of lotion. It didn’t take my Sherlock Holmes’ brain to figure out what she was going to do. I watched as she walked down the steps and then abruptly disappeared into the recess around the back wall. Darn! I thought. But then I remembered… that fence is solid wood… except for one knothole… halfway back. I’d thought of plugging that hole many times… and now I was glad that I hadn’t. It wasn’t large but it was adequate. I made my way down my own steps… quietly… and walked to that hole… and peered. She was nude and applying lotion. She was still standing and I watched her skin glisten in the sun… and then I watched her hands applying the lotion. Each breast and nipple… her shoulders and neck… her face and arms… her tummy… and then she surprised me as her hands slid between her legs… oiling… but more. I watched her pleasure herself for long moments… and then slowly continue to apply the lotion to her ass… between her cheeks… and the full length of each delicious leg. She was standing and turned each time as if she knew I was there… although she didn’t. I had a full view of everything as she turned and continued. Finally she sat on the Chaise… her legs extended in front of her… and she began again. I really felt like a peeping Tom… and I was… but I couldn’t help myself as I recalled that Saturday morning before the game. She was a goddess in the sunlight… and I watched her climax and then she lay on top of that white towel and spread her knees and spent many minutes with ecstasy written on her face. It was the first time I’d seen a lady masturbate… but it was beautifully sensual… and I’d watch again and again… especially her. There was a noise on the street and she heard it and sat up. She listened and then walked naked to the gate and peered through the slot at the edge of the gate. Maybe she was afraid I’d come home while she was out there, but apparently satisfied she returned and resumed. I heard her now… three different times she got vocal… and it was music to my ears. Finally she relaxed and set a timer and laid back in the sun. I’d watched and wanted to masturbate myself… but held off. Slowly I walked back to my kitchen and entered silently. Sometime later he was over and we were working on his car when he commented that she frequently ran around the house nude… that he’d tried to break her of the habit for years… but she enjoyed it. I told you that I have a strong libido… so you can guess where that bit of information disappeared to. I want you to understand… non
e of what I’ve told you was purposeful… or intentional. She was always a proper lady in every regard… and never once flirted with me. I was hyper observant after that first incident, and I’d have given a testicle to have seen her walking nude or partially nude through her home… or see her sunbathing again. But it hadn’t happened… but now… the rest of the story. I really meant it when I said they were happily married… I thought so then… and do now. However things have changed. He and I usually arrived home at about the same time every afternoon. But as I’d told you… our garages are on opposite sides of our houses. I’d arrived a few minutes early on this particular afternoon and as I passed… I noticed his car wasn’t there. I busied myself around the place for an hour and figured that he was home by then so I walked next door and knocked. She hollered out asking who was there… I answered and she told me the door was unlocked and for me to come on in. I went in and looked around… and asked where he was… she said that she was in the kitchen and to come on out. I walked slowly to the kitchen and still didn’t see him… maybe he was in the garage. When I got to the kitchen she was busy at the sink and without turning she told me to sit down. I did and then asked if he was in the garage. She told me slowly that he wasn’t here… that he’d been called out of town this morning and would be gone for the weekend. I felt self-conscious and said I was sorry that he had to be gone… and that I hadn’t meant to bother her. I stood and was about to leave when she turned around. She’d been crying and there were still tears in her eyes. She asked me not to go… to stay and talk for awhile. I asked if she was sure and she said yes… and took a seat at the other end of the table. She rubbed her eyes… and I asked what was wrong. She said that she knew we talked and I shook my head. She asked if we ‘really’ talked and I asked what she meant. It was difficult but then she explained that women always talk about ‘personal’ things… about home life… and love. Then she asked if we ever talked like that. I felt a bit self-conscious but smiled and said that we never did. She started crying again and said “I’d hoped…” I leaned closer and asked “Hoped what?” And now the tears really flowed and she told me that he’d had an affair a few years ago… and she hadn’t known about it… but his S£x drive had dropped during that the time… and he’d never wanted S£x. It went on she said for over a year… and then finally she’d confronted him when she found a card in his jacket. It was a nice thank you card from a lady… thanking him for the previous afternoon. The gal had slipped it into his jacket without his knowing. When she found it she was devastated and insisted on knowing what was going on. Eventually he’d told her… broke off the affair and promised never to do anything like it again. At this point I was incredulous… she was so perfect… and so vibrant… and so interested S£xually… as I recalled from that morning. She was crying now… and said that things seemed normal for the last few years… but in the last few months their S£x life had zeroed out. Their Anniversary was this weekend and he wasn’t even going to be here… and she knew that he’d forgotten it. I got up… walked over and tried to console her… finally I dropped to my knees on the floor in front of her and tried to assure her that I felt he wasn’t cheating on her. Between sobs she said that it must be her then… she wasn’t attractive anymore. I put my arm around her and she leaned her face into my shoulder and sobbed as I assured her that she was tremendously attractive… to any man. She replied with a thanks and a comment that I didn’t have to lie. Lie? I assured her that I was in no way lying… she was more than attractive… S£xually and every other way. She asked if personally I’d ever thought she was attractive… always I assured her. “Show me?” she asked. I told her that I couldn’t do that… that she’d hate herself tomorrow… that they were friends of mine. She looked at me and cried even harder saying that she knew I was lying… and pushed me away. I held tight and pulled her to me. I kissed her… at first her cheek… but I couldn’t help myself and soon I was at her lips. She resisted for a few moments and then returned my kiss with more passion than I’d ever felt before. I’m sure there are cynics out there that will say I was seduced… and I was… but not intentionally… and not by her… my own desire did it. When finally she pulled away… my hands were on the hem of her dress and I raised it slowly… watching her eyes… and then I glanced down and she was nude beneath… and I spread her thighs and buried my face. I felt her hands in my hair… and then felt her body quiver as I brought my lips in closer and kissed her mons. She was dry… not aroused as I was… as I placed my hands around her waist and pulled her to me. I love giving oral… and love the way it provides foreplay and can stimulate a lady. Her body was beautiful… and I wanted it… more than anything else… and I didn’t care about anything but the two of us. I tasted her… and teased her… and her hands wrapped in my hair and she pulled me hard and close. I heard her cry… and thank me… and then her leg was up… and she’d slid forward to the edge of the seat and turned slightly as I raised her. She was sweet and hot… growing wetter… and in almost no time she’d climaxed and was crying my name… as I moaned and whispered hers. I raised my head from under her skirt and slowly unbuttoned it and then opened the bodice and gazed upon perfection. Her soft tummy and firm young breasts… and her eyes were shining through her tears. I kissed each nipple and devoured her breasts. I laid my cheek against her tummy and just held her. Finally I pulled her onto the floor with me… onto a kitchen rug… and opened my jeans… and took her there. It was perfect… she was perfect… responsive to everything… participating… helping… talking… urgent… and even as we climaxed… I was looking forward to the very next climax. Her voice rang in my ears… and then I heard her whisper my name… and then shout it as she climaxed. I had no doubt that she’d been without S£x for months… the two of us were an even match… each of us trying to wear the other out… and losing. After awhile I helped her close the house and then we went out the back door and over to my place. She brought her cell-phone in case hubby called… but she said he wouldn’t. Once at my place… we were naked… and I had the woman around my house that I’d always wanted… a gal that loved me… and S£x… and nudity. We made love in every part of the house… in some areas twice… and it wasn’t just vanilla S£x… although I’d have settled. We enjoyed fantasies that we’d only dreamed of… and it was all good. We spent two nights together and every daylight hour. All of the time… not only was her body perfect… but she’d begun to realize that it wasn’t her… and I was grateful for that. Before he was due back we’d made plans. She was his wife… and would remain that way… and remain faithful until she couldn’t take more… and then she’d signal me… and I’d fix things… until next time. If he wanted S£x… she would yield and provide what he wanted… first… he would come first. The three of us were great friends… and remain that way… and we’re all happy. By the way… a trip to the doctor and some tests and they found his problem… it wasn’t infidelity this time… but they couldn’t fix… only slightly reduce the problem. Now her esteem is back and she’s more beautiful than ever.

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