None of that made sense to Alice but
she couldnt stop her tears from flowing.
Was her lovely dad really responsible for
all the deaths in their family? How
Was her mother right? Every night, she
kept having dreams about her father
crying and asking for forgiveness for all
the pains he had caused the family.
Mr and mrs Chike had come two days
after the funeral to pay their condolence
visit. They apologised for not showing
up at the funeral because they were
both out of the country and they got the
news late.
They also requested to see their
grandson but Alice told them that he
was with a relative.
‘if its possible, can we see him before
we leave?’ mrs. Chike asked.
Alice relunctantly shrugged and called
the relative who was in custody of Felix.
‘your grandson will be here anytime
from now’ Alice said and sobbed.
‘okay. My dear, look you have to take
heart. I was so surprised to see you this
pale when we came to visit you. Its
hard, i know, but you cant kill yourself,
everyone has his own life to live. The
dead has been buried and its time for
the living to move on’ mrs. Chike said.
Alice only sobbed but said nothing. She
kept thinking about how her dad was
somehow related to Benjamin’s death.
How will this nice woman feel if her
father was responsible for the death of
her only son?
‘my dear, where is your mother?’ Mrs.
Chike asked.
‘she is inside her room’ Alice sobbed.
Mrs Chike smiled and went to Kofo’s
In less than an hour, Felix was brought
home by Alice’s maternal cousin.
‘thanks alot for taking care of my son’
Alice thanked the lady.
‘you are welcome. At least, i’m glad that i
was able to be of help to you guys’ the
lady said.
‘you were of great help my dear, may
God bless you’ mrs Chike thanked.
Alice’s cousin left after spending
sometime with them. Mrs Chike and her
husband also stood up to go. They had
spent hours with the bereaved.
‘my dear, i would like Felix to come with
us. At least spend sometime with us, till
the holidays are over. I will be going to
Dubai bext week and i want my
grandson to come with me, if thats fine
by you’ mrs Chike said.
‘oh, thats fine by me. Who am i to say
no, when you are his grandmother’
Alice said.
‘who are you to say no? You are his
mother of course. Dont you know
mothers comes before grandmothers?’
Mrs Chike joked and they laughed.
‘okay, let me go inside and bring his
things’ Alce said about to go in when
Mrs Chike reached for her arm.
‘no need my dear, we would get as
much clothes as we can for him, so dont
worry yourself, you need to rest and
you and Kofo must promise me that no
one would shed tears again. You will go
about your normal duties as if nothing
happened’ Mrs Chike said while Kofo
‘dont worry my dear, i promise i wont
shed a tear’ Kofo said.
‘i promise too’ Alice said and they
‘i’m so glad that we were still able to
meet you guys in sound health. You
guys need to be strong and Alice, i do
not want what happened after
Benjamin’s death to repeat itself, i wont
take that this time around’ Mr Chike
‘i wont sir, i will be st….rong’ Alice said
trying to hide her tears.
‘there you go again Alice, you promised
that you wont cry but you are about to’
Mr Chike said.
Just then, they heard a loud knock on
the door and Kofo went to open it. Then
masked man rushed in, ordered
everyone to lie down and they took
Alice away with them.
To be cont

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