‘now are you ready to listen to me?’
Jessica asked and Alice nodded.
Amy pulled up in front of Alice’s family
house, picked her handbag and
brought out her phone and sent a
message to Gilbert.
‘i’m right in front of Alice’s house. I’m
about to go in’
She came down from the car and
walked towards the gate. She heard
wails and cries from inside.
‘hia! Are they still crying?’ she said to
She knocked on the gate twice, then she
‘open the gate quickly, it must be the
she recognised the voice as Kofo’s voice
‘police ke? What for?’
The gateman opened the gate almost
immediately and she could read the
disappointment on the face of the
‘good evening madam’ he greeted.
‘who is that? Is it the police?’ Kofo
screamed from inside. The gateman
opened the gate wide for Amy who
She saw mr and mrs Chike and Angela,
both looking worried.
‘good evening everyone’
‘what happened? Why is everyone
looking moody’ she asked.
‘your friend was kidnapped an hour
ago. We’ve called the police and they are
yet to arrive’ mrs chike said.
‘what? Kidnapped? How? When? Why?’
Amy exclaimed.
‘we were about taking our leave when
suddenly, we heard a loud knock and
when it was opened, three masked men
rushed in and abducted her’ Mrs chike
‘OMG!!! I cant believe this at all. How can
Alice be kidnapped just after her
father’s funeral?’ Amy asked.
‘i dont know oo. God please save my
daughter for me oo’ Kofo said amidst
‘jeez! How can Alice be kidnapped?’ Amy
said and within a twinkle of an eye,
dashed out of the compound and
entered the car, picked up her phone
and dialled Gilbert’s number.
‘hello Amy?’
‘Gilbert, there is trouble’
‘trouble? How?’
‘Alice was kidnapped this afternoon’

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