‘Maria, i will so deal with you, if you are
responsible for this!!!’ Gilbert said as he
drove furiously along third mainland
He kept calling Maria but she refused
picking up and then she switched off
her phone.
‘They are really beautiful Maria, i must
confess’ Susan said as she inspected
Maria’s birthday clothes.
‘thank you. So, what did you say you
wanted to tell me about Abby?’ Maria
Susan sighed and buried her hands
between her legs.
‘look Maria, i do not want to sound like
a backbiter or a gossip to you or Abby. I
just feel that i should tell you this. Maria,
Abby is a bad idea. She is not an ideal
friend, i dont know whatever problem
you might have with her but…..she
doesnt like you’ Susan said.
‘she doesnt like me?’
‘i dont know. She said that you feel……..’
Gilbert banged the gate endlessly before
the gateman opened the gate.
‘na wetin happen, you wan break the
‘where is that daughter of a b—h!! That
stupid girl! Tell her to come out right
now and face me!!’ Gilbert said giving
the gate a hard kick.
‘abeg no break the gate oo!! No be the
gate dey do you’ the gateman said
‘my friend shut up! Shut up before i
slaughter you here!!’ Gilbert said angrily.
‘oga, you dey mad! Craze dey worry you
for head. Abeg comot before i carry gun
shoot your two left leg!!’ the gateman
said struggling to lock the gate because
Gilbert stood in the way.
‘let me talk to him Umaru’
Umaru turned to Maria, said something
that no one could here, then he left
them and went to his post.
‘why are you here?’ Maria asked coldly.
‘dont ask me that when you know why i
am here? Where is Alice? Where did you
keep her?’
‘meaning? Is this where Alice resides
eh? Please leave here this moment, i
dont know what brand of alcohol you
took before coming here’ Maria hissed.
‘is that what you have to say? Why did
you kidnap Alice? What wrong has she
done to you? Wont you tell your flirt of a
father to stay away from her? Look, if
you dont bring Alice out this moment,
you wont see your father alive again,
and i mean it!!’
‘jeez!! What the hell are you talking
about? Why would i kidnap her? Look, if
anything happens to my dad, i will make
sure you rot in jail!! B—–d!!’
Gilbert felt insulted. How can a sixteen
year old girl insult him in this manner?
He felt like pouncing on her mercilessly
but after remembering who her father
was, he had a rethink. Then he thought
of another approach…….
‘look,’ he said calmly this time ‘if you are
holding Alice, then please let her go. You
have no problem with her. If you’ve got
a problem with anyone, then that will be
me or Abby, but definitely not Alice’
‘i am not holding Alice!! I have never set
my eyes on Alice before except the night
she behaved like a call girl!! Uncle, be
reasonable, i dont have Alice besides,
what stops you from thinking that Alice
has no other enemies huh?’
‘you are the only one i know of and…….’
‘what about Stella? Shebi, the both of
them wants my dad, what also stops
you from thinking that Stella wont try to
get Alice out of the way so that she can
get my dad. But let me pass a message
to her through you, i will make her life a
living hell if she tries such!!’ Maria said
and shut the gate on his face.
His phone rang at that moment…..

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