His phone rang and he picked it up
almost immediately.
‘hello Stella, i just thought of you’ he
‘really? I hope its for good?’ Stella asked
innocently, Gilbert almost thought she
could do no such thing.
‘uh….yeah!! Why did you call?’ he asked
as he entered his car.
‘where are you?’ Stella asked.
‘me? Uhm, i just stepped out of the
office, about heading back’ Gilbert
‘i need to see you’
‘okay, but why?’
‘we will talk when we meet’ Stella said
and hung up.
‘what did he say?’ Jessica asked.
‘i just told him and hung up. I know
Gilbert, if if didnt…….’
‘what do we do with this babe now?’
Jessica asked cutting Stella off.
‘i dont know, maybe we should just
beat her small, then we discharge her’
Stella said.
‘no, we shouldnt beat her. We should
just let her call Tony here in our
presence and tell him that its over
between the two of them’ Jessica said.
‘i’ve told you, there’s nothing between
Tony and i’ Alice shouted.
‘and i’ve told you to shut up and keep
your voice down!!!’ Jessica said.
‘i am telling the truth, Tony and i are just
friends. Yes, i am in love with him but he
doesnt feel same for me. There is
nothing going on between the two of
us’ Alice said.
‘i am in no mood at all to listen to c–k
and bulls. How can you tell me that Tony
and you are just friends huh? Tony
cares alot about you and i believe he
loves you too! Have you ever seen
friends who are in love with each
other??’ Stella flared up.
‘i dont know what you are talking
about??! Tony and i are just friends,
FRIENDS!! And i dont have any plans at
all to quit this frindship simply because
a loser like you is telling me too
alright?!’ Alice said flaring up too.
Stella lost it again and slapped her, Alice
returned the slap immediately and a
fight ensued between the both of them.
Jessica was quick to separate them
before the fight got out of hand.
After separating them, Alice was
severely dealt with. She was beaten up
to the extent that she had bruises all
over her body.
Then, thereafter, they dropped her front
of her gate and drove off.
(The next day)
‘tell me Alice, what happened to you’
Kofo asked for the umpteenth time.
Alice shook her head ‘nothing mum’ she
replied. Kofo shrugged and said.
‘your friend abi your boyfriend is here
to see you’
Alice nearly jumped up in excitement
‘Tony?!’ She ran to the sitting room only
to be shocked at who she saw.
‘oh Jesus! Alice, what happened to you
and where were you yesterday, i heard
you were kidnapped and i couldnt sleep
yesterday, i hope you are okay now?’
Gilbert said.
‘i am okay and i’m not happy to see you
and i cant stand your presence here for
even one second, so please and please,
go and never come back. Thanks for
caring’ Alice said.
‘Alice why are you treating me like this?
Is it wrong to be in love with someone
and wanting to be loved back by that
person? Is it a crime or a sin?’
‘it is not a crime or a sin. What is a sin is
trying to force your infatuation on
‘it is not infatuation my dear, quit the
bullshit will you?!’
The door opened and Tony entered
looking smart in a white long sleeve and
a black chinox. Slice smiled and went to
hug him, then kissed him on the lip.
‘honey, what kept you so long?’ she
Tony nearly laughed but said nothing.
Gilbert hissed and stormed out of the
house angrily.
Tony and Alice laughed as soon as he
was out of earshot.
‘you did this same thing sometime ago,
remember?’ Tony asked.
‘yeah, i remember, that fool’
‘what happened to your face, looks like
someone had a car to face collision’
Tony said and laughed.
‘be serious jor!! Something happened
yesterday and i’m really dying to tell you
about it’ Alice said.
‘what is it?’
To be continued

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