(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 18
Vivian smiled when Wisdom finally picked the call.
“Hello, please, who am i speaking with?” Wisdom asked from the other side of the phone.
“It’s Vivian” she replied smiling.
“Yes, have you forgotten me so soon?”
“But i don’t know you”
“Remember the girl you gave your autograph and phone number even had a selfee with?”
“Oh, sorry, your name is Vivian?”
“Yes, Vivian Luster”
“I was made to understand you school in my former school”
“Do you know Tochukwu Desmond?” Wisdom asked but she remained quiet with a frowned face.
“Can we not talk about her? I mean, i don’t know her. So tell me how’s London?”
“I will soon meet you there”
“Yes, even though it will take my blood to see the one my heart beats for, i will gladly surrender it”
“Huumm..” excuse me?”
“Never mind, i will give you a call tomorrow, bye” she cut the call with smiles on her face and brought the phone closer to her chest-inbetween her breast. She quickly dressed up to the sittingroom and found her father sitting on a cushion. He wore a singlet and a black trouser. On his eyes were eyeglasses and on the table before him were papers which he occasionally arranged at a spot.
“Daddy” Vivian called and sat beside him with a hand on his shoulder.
“Why haven’t you slept?” the father asked without looking at her.
“Nothing, Daddy”
“So what’s your problem?”
“Please, will u send me abroad to school there, London precisely after my waec?”
The father kept quiet concentrating on the papers.
“Daddy, please!” Vivian persuaded.
“Yes, i will send you to London” he replied.
“Really? Thank you, Daddy!” she embraced him. She stood up to go but the father called her, he removed his eyeglasses and looked at her.
“I will send you to London in one condition” he said seriously.
“What condition, Daddy?”
“In a condition that your result comes out terrific”
“Okay, Daddy, i will make sure i study my books”
“That’s my girl” he concentrated on his papers again while Vivian rejoiced into her room.
As Kingsley was in his bed with his face up thinking about Tochi, so as Tochi was in her bed with her face up thinking about Vivian’s very words: He will surely forgets you when he sees prettier girls than you over there, so you have to give Kingsley a chance…
“Can it be true?” Tochi thought. “No, Wisdom cannot do such a thing” she concluded and adjusted her wrapper which covered her whole body.
Vivian and Linda sat under an ornamental crop suggested by Vivian with books on their thighs for Linda not to be an obstacle to Kingsley who wanted to have a private time with Tochi.
“Can you tell me more about Wisdom and Tochi?” Vivian requested but Linda disdained her.
“Asiri aguwalagi” she used igbo language. “You want to gossip abi?” she added.
“No oh!”
“Then mind your business”
“Hmm, you are too harsh oh”
“Too harsh indeed! Abeg lets study our books and stop pucknosing on other people’s affair” Linda concluded.
On the other hand, Kingsley met Tochi in the classroom resting her head. He gently touched her hair before she raise up her head.
“Hey, you look so dull. What’s the problem?” Kingsley asked.
“I just needed a rest”
“A senior prefect doesn’t rest”
“But you are the senior prefect”
“I can’t be the senior prefect without my assistance by my side” Kingsley defended and they smiled. “I brought you this?” he handed a package to her which she collected and opened.
“You bought a wrist watch for me?” Tochi asked surprisingly.
“Yes, is for you”
“Thank you” she said staring at him.
“What is it?” Kingsley asked.
“Why are you giving me a gift?” she asked.
“Because you are my friend or my partner in school responsibilities” they smiled.
“I’m sorry, i can’t take it” Tochi rejected.
“But why?”
“Nothing, i can’t just accept it. I’m sorry”
“But is from my heart”
“I know!” she gradually handed the gift back to him then went to met Vivian and Linda. Kingsley was heartbroken.
As Esther was in the kitchen with her mother preparing and wanting to ask her some questions, so as Chester and his father were in the sittingroom having a final discussion about his education.
“Son” Mr Silva began. “You made mention of your friend schooling abroad. Why can’t you join him there or better still go to Australia with Maria? It will do you no harm and you will be well lectured than Nigeria here, Please, son. Remember you are to control my businesses after i join my ancestors and you need a quality lecture for it, please, son”
Chester had never seen his father so calm and gentle while talking to him. He couldn’t reject his father’s pleads so he responded and said with a heavy heart, “Okay, Dad, i will do exactly as you have said”
“That’s my son!” the father exclaimed happily.
Esther thought of how she will bring up a topic of what happened the previous day to her mother while in the kitchen then she looked at her. “Mummy?” she called..

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