‘i……i……what are you talking about?’
Stella stammered not knowing what
else to say or do.
‘who is Alice?’ Jessica asked and Gilbert
‘if you dont know who Alice is, i bet
your friend here knows’ Gilbert said.
Jessica used her left hand to push aside
the hair on her face. ‘so? She knows her
and i dont, whats the big deal?’ she
asked in her newly acquired American
‘are you sure you really dont know her?’
Gilbert asked.
‘never knew someone bearing that
name exists’ Jessica said with a wink
looking direstly into Stella’s eyes.
‘oh really? Perhaps you’ve heard of Tony
Brown right?’ Gilbert asked.
‘oh jeez! Whats up with all this strange
and unpleasant names?! Look, if you
have nothing important to say to me
then i’d rather run along for my
business’ Jessica said and stood up
grabbing her handbag but to her
surprise, Gilbert pushed her down with
full force.
‘you dont leave until i ask you to’ Gilbert
said and turned to Stella.
‘Gilbert, what is this all about? Why are
you embarrasing my friend?’ Stella
‘jeez Stella, where did you see this dude
huh? He looks like some mad man that
escaped a psychiatric hospital nearby!!’
Jessica said.
‘what did you say?!’ Gilbert asked
angrily. The anger in his voice was
evident enough to make Jessica shake
with fear.
‘please Jess, i beg for you to take your
leave to avoid any trouble’ Stella said
and Jessica eyed her.
‘i dont really get this dude at all, he
should explain things better to me. I’ve
not even met him before and he’s
already given me the impression that he
is a up-to-no-good kind of guy!!!’
Jessica said.
‘if i were you, i would just shut the hell
up because you dont know what the f–
k i’m capable of doing!!’ Gilbert said and
Jessica scoffed.
‘what are you? A killer? A kidnapper? A
rapist? Oh pleassse, save me all this
‘watch your tone baby!! Watch it. Stella
you better tell your friend to……’
The door bell cut him short.
‘hope its not some lunatic by the door’
Jessica said as Stella made her way to
the door. She wasnt sure who he was
but was glad the person came at that
time to save her from Gilbert’s whatever.
But opening the door, she froze the
‘Tony!!!’ she screamed as Tony pushed
past her.
He wasnt surprised to see Gilbert there
and a lady with a golden-sprayed low
‘woww, woww, who do we have
here?!’ Gilbert asked as he clapped his
Jessica ceased that opportunity to step
out unnoticeably by anyone.
‘i have no time for you neither did i
came here to see you’ Tony said to
‘i know, i know, you are here to see
your lover, Stella, i’m i right? Wow dude,
you sure do have eyes for great things
you know’ Gilbert said with a
mischievous laugh.
Tony scoffed ‘just step aside okay? I’ve
got no problem with you’ he faced Stella
‘we need to talk’
‘ta…..ta…..talk abou….t what?’ Stella
‘about Alice. What has she done to you?
Do you know i can have you arrested
for what you did to her? Thats
kidnapping just incase you dont
know!!!’ Tony said and Stella slumped
on the settee close to her with her eyes
‘so its true?’ Gilbert asked ‘so what i
heard was true, you kidnapped Alice, my
sunshine huh? For what reason?!’
‘and how am i sure that you are not
part of this?’ Tony asked Gilbert.
‘what did you say? Me part of this? I will
never……..never mind, no need speaking
with you. Do you love her? Can you
boast of your love for her?! Can you
stand in front of the world and profess
your love for her?’ Gilbert asked Tony.
‘huh?’ Tony exclaimed and Gilbert
hissed, grabbed Stella by her chiffon top
and gave her a mighty slap which sent
her screaming and sprawling on the
‘is this madness or what? How dare you
hit a lady?’ Tony asked and Gilbert
‘you see why i say that you arent even in
love with Alice. When you are in love
with someone, you do the unthinkable
when she is hurt but you…..you are just
standing here doing nothing just here,
sampling your rich dressing!!!’ Gilbert
The door opened on its own and three
policemen rushed in……
To be continued

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