(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 19
“Yes my dear” Mrs Godwin, Esther’s mother replied Esther in the kitchen. She waited for her to continue but Esther suddenly kept quiet thinking how she will discuss her love-life with her mother for the very first time.
“I thought you wanted to tell me something” the mother persuaded.
“No, Mummy, i have forgotten what i wanted to tell you” Esther replied without looking at her mother who knew very well that she was lying.
“Remember i told you that you can talk to me about anything at anytime. I am your mother” the mother said, yet Esther remained quiet feeling her heartbeat, but she suddenly suspended the okra which she was cutting and look at her mother who was still staring at her too.
“Mummy?” she began with a low voice and swallowed a saliva feeling her heartbeat. “Mummy, if someone you love wants to travel abroad what will you do?”
“I will do nothing but feel bad” the mother replied and got busy with her cooking pot while Esther also resumed her work.
“Are you inlove?” the mother asked staring at her with the corner of her eye, then Esther nodded her head positively looking at her in the same way too.
“Who’s the person?”
“Is Chester, Mummy”
“So, he wants to travel abroad”
“No, but his parents are forcing him to do so”
The mother kept quiet for a while and said, “There is nothing you can do about it, you only have to wish him success in all things. If he loves you, he will surely come back for you if truly he is meant for you, okay?”
“Okay, Thank you Mummy” they smiled.
“But remember to put God first in everything. Keep yourself pure and keep your relationship holy, i hope you know what i mean”
“Yes, Mummy, thank you very much” Esther replied feeling like she had been relieved from a heavy burden.
Tochi joined Linda and Vivian under the ornamental tree with a frowned face which got them worried.
“Bia, o-girl, what is it?” Linda asked her.
“Is Kingsley! He will never allow me to rest”
“What has he done?” Vivian questioned.
“He presented a gift to me but i rejected it”
“Why would you reject it?”
“Why wouldn’t i? So that he will tie me down with it, abi?”
“Come on girl, i have told you this before, Kingsley loves you so much. Don’t be surprise when Wisdom will come back here and disappoint you..”
“Hey!” Linda interrupted her angrily. “What type of nonsense advice is that?! So this is what you have been feeding her with all these while. Bia, Vivian, take your time oh!” she warned.
“But is true!”
“What is true? Abeg, stop discouraging this girl!!” Linda turned to Tochi who was looking confused. “Listen my dear, don’t mind, Vivian, follow your heart and wait for Wisdom”
“But I’m so confused and scared” Tochi replied bitterly feeling her eyes wet with tears.
“Don’t be confuse dear..”
“But you can be scared” Vivian interrupted.
“Bia, won’t you shut up?!” Linda rebuked her. Just then the bell rag and all went into their classroom except Tochi who resumed her duty with Kingsley. She couldn’t look at him again or go near him. She always made sure she stays few metres away from him which Kingsley also noticed.
As Vivian had just finished calling Wisdom which she had been doing, so as Chester was on his way to Esther’s house. He knocked then Esther opened.
“Good evening” she greeted without smiling.
“Are your parents around?”Chester asked.
“No, come in”
Chester sat down looking woozy without knowing how to start telling her that he would be travelling but Esther noticed it and said, “Don’t worry, you can go?”
“Go where?” Chester asked.
“Abroad. I know that’s what you want to tell me”
“How do you know?”
“It doesn’t matter”
They remained quiet staring at each other.
“I’m really sorry, my dad..”
“I said is okay” Esther interrupted him. “Just promise me one thing” she added and Chester waited to hear her out.
“Promise me you will not forget me and will still come back for me”
“I promise you” Chester held her hand. “I will never forget you” he added.
“Okay, i wish you safe journey and success in all that you do”
“Thank you” they stared at each other silently again trying to have their second kiss but Chester’s phone rang then he picked instantly.
“Who’s this, please?” he asked the caller.
“Is Maria”
Hearing that, Chester glanced at Esther. “How did you get my number?” he asked.
“It doesn’t matter, i am at home with your parents but you are nowhere to be found. Please, come back”
Chester cut the call immediately without saying anything.
“Who was that?” Esther asked him.
“Hum.. A friend of my mum” he replied but Esther kept quiet. He gradually kissed her then stood up, he walked towards the door with her gently, but turned just to see her cleaning tears from her eyes.
“I will come back, okay?” he assured her again holding her hands while Esther nodded her head positively in tears.
“I will miss you, Chester” she said.
“I’ll miss you too” Chester replied and gradually departed…

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