‘what does she look like?’ Maria asked
the little boy.
‘what is she wearing?’ she asked
smiling at the little kid.
‘a gown,’ the boy said.
Maria smiled ‘handsome boy, whats
your name?’
‘my name is Felix’
‘oh, such a nice name for a nice boy like
you, lets go find your mum’ Maria said
taking the hand of Felix, just then a
dancing lady unintentionally spilled
wine on Felix. Maria was mad.
‘how dare you? Are you blind huh? Do
you have to dance like a mad person to
show us how good you are huh?’ Maria
asked angrily attracting a small crowd.
‘watch your tongue b—h!!’ the lady who
spilled the wine retorted.
‘is that the apology you are supposed to
render? Who even brought you here in
the first place?!’ Maria asked. Susan
went closer to Maria.
‘calm down Maria, she didnt even spill
wine on you’ she said.
‘but she did spill wine on this kid!!’
‘who is he? Your brother? I heard you
are an only child’ the lady who spilled
the wine said.
Maria lost it and slapped the lady ‘learn
to say sorry!!’.
Maria took Felix to the restroom to get
him cleaned up.
‘lets get you cleaned up first, then we
will look for your mother. I’m sorry
about what that lady did okay?’ Maria
‘thank you aunty, you are so nice, whats
your name?’ Felix asked.
Maria chuckled ‘you are a very smart
boy, just call me Maria okay?’
‘okay aunty Maria’ Felix said smiling.
Maria smiled too, such a cute little boy.
She couldnt help but wish she had a
little and cute brother like this one.
Maria loved kids and she disliked seeing
people beat kids, even of you are the
Maria cleaned Felix’s shirt and then his
‘okay, lets go out now, dont worry aunt
Maria will deal with anyone who spills
wine on you!’ Maria said and laughed.
‘mummy!!’ Felix happily called out
causing Maria to turn back.
‘where have you been Felix, i was
seriously looking for you!!’
Maria was shocked to see Alice, she was
the mother of the cute boy.
‘mummy, aunty Maria helped me clean
my dress when one wicked aunty
spilled wine on my dress’ Felix quickly
explained pointing at Maria. To say Alice
was shocked to see Maria there with
Felix was an understatement. She
quickly accessed Felix to check if he was
hurt somewhere or not because she
didnt trust Maria.
‘mummy, aunty Maria is a very nice
person, she even slapped the lady
because of me!!’ Felix said.
Alice forced a smile ‘th-thank you for-for
finding Felix and taking care of him’
‘i dint know what to say, should i say
‘you are welcome’ or not?’ Maria asked
‘what brought you here in the first
place? I dont know why i keep seeing
unwanted guest here in my party’ Maria
said rudely.
‘your father invited me’ Alice said as
calm as she could.
‘so? Is my dad the celebrant? If not for
this cute son of yours, i would have
walked you out of this party, i do not
want to see your face, but your son, i
want him to enjoy the party’ Maria said
and hissed.
‘Maria, dont insult me’
‘insult? You’ve not seen anything yet, i’ve
not even said anything yet! (to Felix) I
will see you some other time dear
friend, take care of yourself okay?’ Maria
asked and kissed his forehead.
‘okay aunty Maria, happy birthday’ Felix
said and Maria smiled.
‘thank you, such a lovable child, bye’ she
said to Felix.
‘bye aunty Maria’ Felix said.
Maria turned only to see her dad….

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