Episode 4
***** Friday, exactly 7:30pm ****
One man and a woman shown up and began to ask of me:
I was inside my room thinking about all ibidun had been put me through… In fact i realy cant go out since morning and even to eat is a problem. i heard Someone said:

Man: where is his room?

Mummy:****in a panicked voice**** hope there is no problem sir…

Man: no prroblem ma. I am mr. Adebanjo and this is my wife. Some issues have been on the ground which you son was involved. But because we were told that he was at school that is why we could not take necessary step all the while. But now that he is around, my wife had already asked to see him yet still prove to b stubborn.

Mummy: Jerry…. Come out here….

When I came out, I saw the woman looking at me with a killer eyes. I then remember her face that she is he woman that is selling provision where i met ibidun. ***I observed quickly that she would probably be ibidun sister..***

Me: good evening sir…

She stood up all of sudden and said:

Madam: there is nothing good about this evening…… so you can greet us like a gentleman today abi?

I remember quickly the irony of yesterday between me and her….

Mummy: ****surprised**** have you met him before ma?

Madam: no ma, I called him yesterday and he was just insulting me.

Mummy: ha! Is that true jerry…?

M: no ma!

Man: no for where? Do you realized what I told you last night?

Mummy interrupted them immediately….

Mummy: please sir and ma. I take god beg you. Don’t be upset.

Both: OK ma..…

Mummy: can you please enlighten me about what happen?

Man: we’re here because he impregnated our daughter.

Mummy: wwwhaaaaatttt?? Impregnated? How? ****turned her head into my direction**** is that true jerry?

Me: ****stammering*** heem heem, that can’t be true ma….

Madam: what? Why can’t be True? If I bounce on you this night?

Mummy: please, where is the girl?

Madam: she is inside the car waiting for us….

Mummy: let see her please….

She went out and came back with ibidun…***Barely looking at her. She is so heavy and has changed in complexion****

****when she came in, I just put a strong face on show. She doesn’t even dare to talk nonsense cause she was just full of fear***** I continue tell them that I am not the one impregnated her. To make her mater worse, cause I can’t stand what she came to do our house again couple with her sister and her sister and husband manner.

Me: look ibidun, if anyone see you so gentle here. They would thought you are the humble woman ever being in the world.

Ibidun; *** crying*** don’t do this jerry…I can’t lie about this.…

Me: make I tell you… You are that Lady that ever treated me so rough. Stop playing this game. I won’t fail to you. Return this thing to whoever owns it. I won’t fall for this.

Having said that I just left all of them inside and bang the door over them. Ibidun sister does not know what to do again. They were just looking at my act and remain quit after i left the parlor. A moment later. Ibidun ran come out side and start put on a show:

Ibidun: wait…. Jerry!

Me: wht do you ve to say?

Me: You who are warm to me all the while you are at school, but cold when it comes to what transpired between us. Is that good?

Me: look dear! I don’t have a good impression of you’. And I don’t think you will be in my future either… So, giving you false hope is being ill-manned. Give up now….

Ibidun: so, what will I do for now?

Me: for me or for yourself?

Ibidun: how about the pregnant?

Me: do whatever you desire with it. I do not care…

Ibidun: OK! Can you do me a favour?

Me: what is that?

Me: let return back inside. I’ll proclaim that you are not the owner.

Me: good! If that is only thing you want. Then will grant it. But, don’t change your statement when you get inside, because i will later surfer you for betray your words towards me.

Ibidun: but why you betrayed me??

Me: who betrayed you? Ogbeni, I don’t have your time…

Ibidun: OK!

We both returned back inside and she said most shocking thing:

Ibidun: Jerry, you said; ‘ i am the first woman who treated so rough… Today, I will act as if I have ever heard of this. I don’t have confidence to continue to treat you so rough in the future.

Me: ****pull a straight face***=

Ibidun: they say: “The beginning and the end to the health of the mind is the happiness of the family. I don’t think jerry can give me such. As you can see… Jerry Is not the owner of my pregnant.

Both sister and husbd: who is then the owner then?

Me: nobody.. I don’t know the owner. I will try to abort it.

Sister: over my dead body… You will never do that why I am alive. Heeee, omo yiiiii…..

Me:*****smile returns to my check once more****

Both the sister and husband hands fall and husband was force to say:

Husband: did he threaten you ibidun?

Ibidun: no sir…

Husbd: then why?

**** they stood up and ready to be going****

Mummy; please sir and ma…. we will have to talk about this later. I believe woman knows who the owner of pregnant is.

Me: that is why I said she should find the owner….

Mummy:***sreamed*** keep shut!!! ***turned to ibidun sister*** I am sorry for what has happened. And you,***pointed to me*** had I known this is what you will later be doing I would have asked to be staying with your brother. I really can’t take this anymore and will call your brother to come and take you with him. Starting from today. It is enough. If you father is alive would you be doing this? Park your small and big load now. I don’t want such frivolous child in my house. none of your brother as ever did this before. I don’t know where do you learn such bad habit??

Me: *****I felt embarrassed in the presence of ibidun and co, buy who cares****

**** ibidun and her people left for home after a great disagreed from me. Cause I still denied the pregnant till the end****
Then, before ibidun left she said: a set date can’t be far off, unless there is an error in counting. I don’t know what she meant and I bother not to reply her… What would a wounded lion do???? I asked myself”

Throughout Saturday, i stayed in door. Only to go out if I need to get something to eat and return back to room. Monica continues to disturb me with phone call and chatting, but I was nt reply any of her chatting let alone talk of picking the call.

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