Episode 12
I was very happy, I thanked my mum, I got to my room, closed the door, surf Internet with my new ipad.
Tuesday morning, I woke up, prepared for school, I got to the sitting room, I saw my mum watching morning program on tv
Me: good morning mum
Mum: oh, good morning son **she peaked me**
Me: thanks for the ipad
Mum: stop being so naughty, nothing is much for my boy
Me: alright, ehmm, mummy
Me: yes?
Me: when is daddy coming back, I missed him so much
Mum: maybe next week
Me: okay, I gotta go now
Mum: alright son, take care of yourself
Me: I will, bye
Mum: bye
**I took a cab, I got to school, I saw temmy**
Me: temmy **she looked up**
Me: good morning**no response**
Me: temmy, am talking to you
**she hissed,stood up, she was about to walk away, I held her hands, she looked straight into my eyes, then she started crying**
Me: temmy, what’s wrong? Tell me
Temmy: tolu, **thank God, finally she say something** there is nothing to tell you, enjoy your life
***she walked away, I stood there, thinking about what happened, I just love her, but how do I go about it now, since I don’t know what’s on her mind, she’s so much jovial, that’s why she’s so hard to predict***
I got to corper zainab’s office, she noticed my mood
Corper zainab: baby boy, what’s wrong?
*i narrated everything to her, she sympathise with me*
Corper zainab: oh, sorry about have that, that’s women for you, we are sometimes hard to predict, so for now, what you need most is patient, you just have to give her more time, maybe she will come back to her senses
Me: I hope so
Corper zainab: hmm, am the one that’s going to suffer most if you both become a couple, you won’t pay much attention to me anymore
Me: no, I won’t, we will still be together, but you know you will soon leave this school after your service
Corper zainab: yes you are right, let’s talk about something else, where I’d your phone? Let me save my number on it
**i gave her my iphone6plus **
Corper zainab: wow, I still don’t understand why you are hiding your identity…
I heard a female voice from my back that says identity? What’s that? Who is hiding his identity?
I turned to see who was asking those questions, I saw……

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