(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 21
Tochi went inside the classroom again as Vivian and Linda stared at each other. She was surprise to see them looking angry and quiet. None of them even behaved as if they noticed her presence talkless of looking at her, then she stood beside both of them.
“Hello!” she shouted but none of them said a word. “Girls, what is going on?” she asked.
“Nothing is going on” Linda replied and faced the window.
“You can’t tell me nothing. Look at how you both look so angry and you are telling me nothing”
Suddenly, the phone began to ring again. Linda turned sharply to see the caller, she saw the same name ‘My Boo’ then looked at Vivian who was confused whether to pick the call or not. Even Tochi watched as both of them behaved as if they had some secrets. Vivian wanted to pick the call but Linda prevented her saying, “You dare not pick that call again!!”
“And if i do?”
“I will take that phone from you and smash it on the floor in your presence!” Linda stood up angrily.
“Whoa whoa whoa” Tochi blocked her. “Come on, what is going on?” she asked again.
“Ask this bitch what she has been doing with Wisdom”
“You are a bitch too!” Vivian defended. “Do you know how long i have been dating Wisdom even before he met Tochi?” she added.
Tochi turned gradually to Vivian. She still didn’t understand what they were talking about then she turned back to Linda again.
“Please, explain to me what you said” she told her.
“Vivian has been dating Wisdom for how long i don’t know. She has his pictures on her phone which they snapped together and the person calling her now is Wisdom” Linda explained.
“I can’t believe this” Tochi said bitterly and turned, “Vivian, is what Linda said true?” she asked.
“Well, I’m sorry, Wisdom and i have been dating for a long time even before he met you” she replied boldly. Then Tochi became speechless feeling her eyes wet with tears.
“I can’t believe Wisdom could do this to me” she said and the tears finally dropped. She cleaned it instantly and went out followed by Linda.
Throughout the day, Tochi became dull and here eyes couldn’t stop circling with tears. Kingsley noticed it just few minutes before school closed then he went to her seat.
“You are looking dull again, talk to me, what’s d problem” he asked but Tochi kept quiet. “Who hurt you?” he asked again.
“Just get out of here or i will give you a slap” Tochi replied in a low voice but with anger. Kingsley stared at her for a while before he went back to his seat.
Tochukwu didn’t even wait for the bell to be rung, she flung her school bag on her back and headed home angrily. But Mr Anuma called her from his office when he saw her.
“Desmond, you are nothing looking happy. What’s the problem”
“Nothing, sir”
“But even your eyes have turned red”
“Fly entered into my eyes, sir”
“Oh, sorry for that” Mr Anuma brought out a paper. “Wisdom said i should give you this number. You can reach him with it” Tochi collected it and left immediately.
On the other hand, Kingsley cornered Vivian in a hurry.
“What’s going on?” he asked.
“What do you mean?”
“I’m talking about Tochi, she looks devastated”
“That’s becoz she has found out that Wisdom is cheatin on her”
“Jeez! How do you know?!”
“I made her think so”
“How?” Kingsley was still inquisitive then Vivian told him everything even showed him the pictures.
“So, you want Wisdom to yourself that’s why you are doing all this?” Kingsley asked again.
“Yes, and i won’t stop until i see Wisdom finally becomes mine. Listen, this is the right time for you to win her heart. It is now or never!” she concluded and went out briskly rendering Kingsley speechless with an open mouth.
“This girl na devil oh!!” he murmured silently in surprise.
Mrs Desmond wasn’t around when Tochi returned. She changed her uniform instantly and collected money from her bag then went out immediately. She wore a black leggings and a white top shaking her butt involuntarily. She got to a call centre to call Wisdom then she collected the cell phone instantly. She dialed the number waiting patiently for him to pick.
“Hello, whose this?” Wisdom asked on the phone.
“Is me Tochi” she replied feeling her heartbeat again.
“I have been trying to reach you. I’m so happy to hear from you”
“Spear me that nonsense, Wisdom! How long have you been dating Vivian?”
“Excuse me? What are you talking about and Who is Vivian?”
“Vivian Luster, the one you are dating!”
“No dear, you are mistaking. I was actually trying to reach you through her phone”
“Lair! So this is the promises you made to me” her voice began to break in cry. “How do you explain your pictures on her phone? How do you explain how she got your number and even met you? So you have been deceiving me all these while? Well, thank you, i don’t believe in your promises anymore” she cut the call angrily.
“No, you are misunder… Hello… Hello, Tochi!!” Wisdom shouted in vain and became heart broken…

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