Gilbert walked into the house, went to
his room, Abby wasnt in the house, she
probably went to school, he had told
her to when she last visited him in the
police station.
He went to his room and locked himself
up. He was at least thankful that Tony
set them free.
‘but you just dug your grave!!!’ and he
laughed wickedly.
When doctor Phil called Tony on phone
telling him Maria was awake, he left the
office immediately. Alice insisted on
following him when he told her that dr
Phil called, so together they went to the
At the hospital
‘Daddy!!’ Maria muttered weakly
immediately she saw Tony.
‘my princess, you are finally awake’ he
said and hugged her.
‘how long have i been here?’ Maria
‘three days my love, you’ve been here
for three days’ Tony replied.
Maria’s eyes met with that of Alice and
she immediately frowned.
‘what is this woman doing here?’ she
asked angrily.
‘uhm, Maria, you are awake, thank God’
Alice said forcing a smile.
‘yeah i’m awake, so what has that got to
do with you? Wait a minute, where is
Felix? I hope he isnt injured, hope
nothing happened to him?’
‘uh…Felix is fine he went to school’
‘so what are you doing here then?’
Maria asked.
‘uh Maria, i came to thank you for what
you did for Felix, you even risked your
life for it, thank you’ Alice said.
‘sharrap! Infact get out, i do not want to
see your face, what kind of a mother
are you? You left your son and
scampered for safety without coming
back to look for him, are you even
human?’ Maria asked angrily.
‘Maria shut up!!’ Tony barked.
‘dont shut me up dad!! This woman
disgusts me!! Dad, where did you even
see this s–t to pick from, Ajegunle?’
‘Maria, dont tempt me please!!’ Tony
‘what will you do to me? Are you going
to slap me because of one idiot!! One
home breaker? Ever sonce this lady
came into your life, cant you see we are
no longer the lovely father and daughter
we used to be to each other? Dont you
see that you always pick offence in
every little thing and beat me up at even
the slightest opportunity, cant you see?
All because of this woman, this is why i
never wanted a step mother in the first
place, just look at it, she’s not even your
wife yet, just your concubine and we
are already this apart, if she comes into
our home to live as the madam of the
house, it means one day you sill bath me
with acid, i’m tired dad, i’m tired, just
know that one day, you will have to
choose between this w—e and i!!’ Maria
said as tears trickled down her cheeks.
Tony and Alice exchanged glances, Alice
felt like crying, insults upon insults from
a small little spoilt brat!
‘sorry for disturbing your peace,’ Alice
said after comporting herself ‘Tony, i
will see you in the office’ she said and
was about leaving when she met Nneka
at the door, she looked at her, then
greeted and hurriedly left. Nneka turned
back and smiled…..

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