Jessica looked at them as what she just
saw registered in her mind. Uche
pushed Stella away with full force that
she landed on the floor, holding her
stomach in pains.
‘Uche? Again?’ Jessica asked at tears
gathered in her eyes.
‘i…baby, its not what you think….i….can
explain….’ Uche said going closer.
‘dont come closer to me you bloody
liar!! Gosh, i hate the both of you!!’
Jessica picked her bag and ran out in
Uche ran after her but before he could
get to her, she already entered her car
and drove away.
In fury, he went inside, punched, kicked
and slapped the living day hell out of
Stella and then dragged her out.
few weeks after Maria was discharged
from the hospital, she resumed school,
it wasnt really easy for her because she
really hated hospitals and she missed
school too, she missed everyone infact,
including Felix. She couldnt help but
wish that the little boy was her kid
‘My God, i will spoil him rotten!’ she
Many times, she felt like asking her dad
to tell Alice to bring Felix but she didnt
want to see Alice anywhere near her
dad, but its impossible seeing Felix
without seeing his mother.
‘Alice, come on, Maria wont bite you, just
come over, thats all’ Tony said to Alice
over the phone.
‘Tony, the last thing i want right now is
coming over and get insulted, i aint
prepared for that s–t right now’ Alice
‘no one will insult you dearie, i will make
sure of that even if i have to lock Maria
up in her room, i will do it’
‘i really dont want insults Tony and most
especially, i do not want to be the
reason you and Maria will be at
loggerheads with each other’
‘that wont happen, i promise you’
‘okay, but what about that mother in
law of yours? I told you i dont like that
woman, there’s something about her
that i just dont understand at all’
Tony laughed ‘come on Alice, you are
just being suspicious over nothing. That
woman is a very nice person, she can
never hurt a fly. You will eventually get
to love her when you get close to her’
‘well i’m sorry, i dont think i cant, i dont
like that woman at all, her eyes scares
me, her smile scares the hell out of me, i
know you wont understand and i dont
expect you to’
‘okay Alice, thats enough. What has the
woman done to you? Look, if you dont
want to come to my house again, just
tell me, stop looking for one excuse or
the other’
‘Tony, its not like that…..okay, i’m
coming. I will be there in few minutes’
When Maria saw Alice enter the house
from her room upstairs, she rushed
down in anger.
‘what the heck is this one doing here?’
she asked Rhoda to Alice’s hearing. Alice
said nothing but pretended not to hear
while waiting for Tony to come
‘this lady, You is really desperate arent
you?’ Maria asked eyeing Alice. Again
Alice said nothing.
‘why cant you just leave my father
alone? Are you that desperate to make it
in life, you poor hag?’
Alice felt like killing Maria but she said
nothing. Luckily for her, Tony came
down at that moment. Maria eyed her
contemptously and left for her room.
‘hope she didnt say anything to you?’
Tony asked.
‘no…nothing. She just greeted me’ Alice
‘okay, have you been offered anything?’
It was when Maria was going
downstairs to get herself a glass of
water that she heard soft moans
coming from her father’s room.
Curiousity made her eavesdrop but all
she could hear was soft moans. She was
confused. She felt anger and jealousy
surge through her veins when she
peeped and saw her father on top of
Alice doing what only married couples,
should do.
She felt like going into the room to kill
the both of them but thought against it.
An idea came into her mind.
Tony and Alice were still busy enjoying
theirselves when they suddenly felt wet,
someone poured cold water on them,
they looked up and saw Maria staring at
them murderously……

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