Temi was the one calling, I picked the phone up and I slide the green button sideway,

Me: hello dear

Temi: daddy, how are you?

Me: baby mi, I’m fine and you??????

Temi: I am not fine oooo

Me: what happen to a princess? How will a country’s princess be moody?

Temi: you led the princess to it

Me: how?

Temi: the money you promised the princess nko?

Me: lol………owolabi……how much is the money?

Temi: 50k

Me: but you recently just collected one 50k from me lastweek

Temi: that one is for route trip and geo excursion

Me: temi temi………. What’s the different??????? Agbari po

Temi: lol, daddy, daddy, that just it jur

Me: ok don’t worry, I will send to you

Temi: when daddy????? I want it today

Me: can’t send today because daddy is facing a lot in the office at the moment

Temi: what is it you are facing??????

Me: some people have been making attempt to ruin us

Temi: how????

Me: trying to embezzle the organization’s income

Temi: haaaaaaa daddy, what do you want to do now?

Me: don’t even know, because I didn’t know them in persons, though I have known some, but not that sure, and I need to get the culprits before any other moves will be executed

Temi: but why can’t you monitor their moves and through that, you will get them redhanded

Me: good girl, that is my plan this week, and you know I have to spend money on it

Temi: don’t let that affect me ooooo, what are your plans?????

Me: wana make a secret CCTV around the offices and departments

Temi: that’s a good idea daddy, but why can’t you also do a communication tracking of the limited numbers of workers in that organization?
Me: chai, that’s why I love you…I don’t even think of that atall

Temi: lol, just make a secret process to get their active communication number for tracking…….you will pay for my wisdom ooooooo,

Me: lol, omo daddy…..don’t worry, I will do as you said, I am

going to make the CCTV and the communication tracking as well

Temi: alright sir, should I be expecting the money today?

Me: yes, I will transfer it to you now……bye
We hung up and I made the transfer to her, after I have done that, I rested my back on the rolling chair and started reminiscing over the both idea I got from suzzie and temi, these people are seriously having same heart, they both

suggested a similar idea….infact I really like the ideas…………I

remembered that day was monday, and the plan suppose to start immediately, I published the advert of a needed technical contractors who can supply the technological needs and the installations, to start submitting their proposal…………before

the closed of that day, I have received 7 proposals in my mailbox………..in the advert, the location I put for the interview

is my house address and every interview will be done on sunday, also I included in the advert that they should come along with a cleared original proposal……………..and before I

closed on that day I initiated a chat with seye in order to be assure of his coming that weekend because I also put an appointment of interview to that same weekend………

(I dropped him an offline message)

Me: hello, hope we should be expecting you this weekend as you promised

3minutes after my message, seye came online and we began to chat

Seye: not that sure, though I will be in lagos tomorrow, but coming purposely for a business, but if it happen that we execute the business ontime, I will branch your house

Me: which kind of business is that?

Seye: my business noni, I’m coming in conjunction

Me: how?

Seye: both me and my co-partners

Me: well I wish you success

Seye: thanks bro
Me: bro, infact some couples of hours ago, I wasn’t fine atall, but thanks to those that contributed to my happiness

Seye: lol, what happened to you? And who are those people????

Me: some managers in my organization are planning of embezzlement

Seye: lol, serious?????

Me: yeap, I have confirmed it through a letter they send to each other and also from garuba my gateman that caught them
Seye: are you serious?????? Then what is your plan????

Me: I have received many idea in which I’m standing on,

Seye: oga ade, what plans are you talking about?
Me: one my olosho girl, that I called suzzie told me to plant a secret CCTV to all offices and departments and also my daughter temi, advise me to do a communication tracking which I am putting on my target

Seye: like seriously they really tried, but if you catch them and they change the topic into a reverse mode, what are you going to do? So you need something to add to your plans……which will make it a physical flesh ascertain.

To be continued….

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