(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 23
Tochi came back from school and walked sluggishly straight into the kitchen where her mother was preparing lunch. She greeted as she took a seat spacing out, up in the sky.
“Tochukwu” the mother called and glanced at her. “Is there any way you have heard from that your teacher who is in Obodo Oyibo?”
“Yes, Mama” Tochi replied without smiling or even looking at her.
“How’s he doing?”
“He’s doing fine”
The mother kept quiet and glanced at her again then gently brought out a package. “Take this, so that you will always call him at anytime you want” she said and handed it to her. Tochi opened the package with joy when she saw that it was actually a phone, then she thanked and hugged her mother.
Esther’s phone rang while in school in her apartment. She wore a long stockings with a bumshort lying face down in her bed. She smiled when she saw the caller to be Chester then she picked it instantly.
“Hello, sweetheart” Chester sounded on the phone.
“Hello my heart” she replied raising up one of her legs smiling.
“Tell me you are working hard”
“Of course, I’m working hard if not i wouldn’t have been in the higher institution now”
“That’s my girl, i miss you”
“I miss you more! When are you coming back?”
“Anytime I’m through with my education here”
“By then i have given birth oh”
“I’m not disputing on that but make sure it will be my child”
They laughed seriously before the line went dead.
Calista was living in the same apartment with Jennifer. They actually started newly behaving like green horns. Only Jennifer was in the room on the bed with her face up thinking about her love-life. One could see a bunch of clothes in a basket and some other sexy clothes hanging in the wardrobe.
“I have not had a particular person i can call my boyfriend right from my secondary school. Wisdom, whom i had feelings for disappointed me and i ended up disgracing myself. Does it mean i will keep on moving like this? Hmm..” Jennifer was thinking but interrupted by Calista who just walked in wearing a mini skirt with a hand-bag in her arm.
“Hi, how was lectures?” Jennifer asked.
“Fine oh” she sat down. “O-girl, guess what?” she added then Jennifer sat up in anticipation.
“What is it?” she asked curiously.
“Can you imaging that boy is still disturbing me? He even bought something for me today” Calista replied.
“Which boy are you talking about?”
“James nah, James Israel”
“Hmm, don’t you love him?”
“Huumm..” Calista squeezed her mouth a bit. “Well, i love him but you know how we girls should behave nah” she replied.
“So, you are playing hard to get”
“Before nko”
“Well, your own better” Jennifer concluded without smiling and stared at the bed. Calista noticed her quietness and a bit of her sadness then she bent her head piteously and asked, “Why are you so worried?”
“Me?” Jennifer raised up her head. “I’m not worried” she replied.
“Come on girl, is written all over your face”
Jennifer waited for a while then asked, “Do you have Wisdom’s number?”
“No, why?”
“I want to hear his voice. Only to hear his voice”
Hearing her polite request and voice, Calista pitied her. She stared into her eyes and asked, “Do you still love him?” but Jennifer kept quiet. “I will call Esther, i think she will get his number from Chester” Calista concluded.
Chester’s apartment was furnished beautifully with modern materials. He was with his books on the table when his phone rang-Esther was calling. He picked and gave her Wisdom’s number which she requested. After some minutes Wisdom also called him.
“Hello, bro” Chester stood up and laid on the bed.
“Chester, my heart is shattered” Wisdom replied.
“Tochi has been cheating on me”
“How do you know?”
“Her friend and her classmate told me even sent their pictures to me. Though, the last time Tochi called she told me that I’m cheating on her with that same girl that reported her”
“Guy, Something is fishy. What’s the name of the girl?”
“Guy, just be sure before you take any action” Chester said but Wisdom kept quiet. “Hello, bro”
“How can i get Jennifer’s number?” Wisdom requested.
“Jennifer? Why do you need her number?”
“For old time sake, bro”
“Hmm, well, you can get it from Esther. She just requested for your number few minutes ago”
“Okay, thanks”
“Be careful, bro” Chester concluded. Just then Maria activated the alarm door. He opened the door and walked back to his seat without saying a word.
“Good evening, dear” Maria greeted and placed her hand around his shoulder from behind.
“Welcome” Chester replied.
“Why are you behaving like you don’t miss me?”
“Well, i don’t miss you. As you can see, I’m busy with my books now”
Maria moved round and sat on his thighs touching his handsome face.
“You have been avoiding me lately but i think tonight you will have a change of mind” she said and began to kiss him gently. Chester could see her attractive breast through her gown…

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