‘have you seen what you have caused
Stella….have you seen? I’ve lost Jessica
for a second time’ Uche cried. Stella felt
pity for him but why was he always
laying the blame on her? Was she the
one who initiated the kiss in the first
‘its okay Uche. If you and Jessica are
meant to be, you will definitely be’
‘is that all you have to say? Well, thanks
for your advice, i know if it hadnt been
for she devils like you, i would have
been a married man by now, oya comot
for here. I dont want to ever see you
here again, you are nothing but
Alice dragged the covers with her to the
bathroom to quickly dress up and dry
her body.
Tony was mad, shocked and
embarrased, for one, he didnt know
what to do. He looked up at the angry
Maria, then he drew his boxers closer
and put it on.
‘dad, how could you….your own
matrimonial..home’ Maria stuttered as
tears gathered in her eyes ‘i am
disappointed in you dad….if someone
ever told me that….that you will make
out with…with a lady in…in…your own
matrimonial bed….your own home…the
room you shared with my mother….i will
never have believed that person!’ More
tears flowed down.
Tony said nothing, he buried his face in
his hands before facing Maria.
‘what gave you the right to enter my
room just like that without knocking?
Even if i was making out with a lady
here, what business of yours is it? Are
you my wife? I’ve been celibate for
eleven years now, on a normal note, i
should have gotten remarried years ago
but i didnt, because of you, because you
didnt want a step mother!’ Tony said
calmly but quite sternly making Maria to
look up at him.
‘is that reason enough for you to
disrespect my mum this way? Why must
you sleep with a lady in the room you
guys once shared, this is…..’
‘she is dead for crying out loud!! I’ve
mourned her alot, why cant i just move
on with my life?’
‘she might be dead, but to me, she still
lives, i feel her presence everywhere in
this house. Whats your problem dad?
You were the one who promised me
there would be no one else, what
happened to those d–n promises now?
Or has that s–t, that b—h, that swine,
that desperate harlot bewitched you?
Enough is enough father! Today, its
either she kills me or i kill her, one must
happen’ Maria said and flung her
father’s box open, opened a black metal
box and brought out the licensed pistol
‘jesus! Maria, please drop that!!’ Tony
shook in fear. Maria didnt say a word as
she headed to the bathroom….

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