Nneka laughed as she watched all that
was happening in the mystic mirror. Of
course, everything was happening as
When she came downstairs and saw
Alice and Tony chatting like lovebirds,
she decided to have a little fun. She
moved over to Alice and hugged her,
but not after spitting on her own hand,
she used the hand to rub Alice’s back,
then she moved over to Tony and
hugged him too, and rubbed her hands
on his back too. Then she went to
Tony’s room and spat at the entrance,
then she left for her room. Of course
she didnt have any reason for doing
what she did at first, just for the fun of
it, then she decided to use Maria too,
she took Maria’s picture, spat fire on it
and Maria became thirsty, it was when
she was going down to get water that
she heard the moans and entered her
father’s room. Then, when Maria
brought out the gun, she knew her
plans had changed.
‘why not Maria kill Alice so her blood
could be in her hands?’
She laughed at that and peered into the
mirror again…..waiting for action…
Tony stood up immediately, dragged
Maria’s hair and pushed her on the bed,
he quickly snatched the gun from her
and slapped her twice on the cheek, she
winced in pain.
‘Maria, what is wrong with you? What?
What? Why are you so mean, where did
you get this cold heart from? Why are
you doing this? Do you want me to be
celibate for the rest of my life?’
‘cant you do it? Cant you just for once
respect the love you and my mother
once shared? If you remain celibate all
your life, what difference does it make?
Or is making out with a filthy b—h here
the right thing to do?’
‘dont you dare call Alice names again! I
wont take it from you any longer!!’
Alice came out at that time, fully dressed
with tears in her eyes.
‘see the idiot! Hope you’ve collected
money for your s-x services? W—e! I
dont know why harlots like you cant
just shut your legs and look for
something responsible to do instead of
looking for someone else’s husband to
snatch eh? Foolish, stupid, idiotic animal
like you’ Maria said.
‘SHUT UP!!’ Tony barked ‘shut up Maria
‘its okay Tony, please stop, maybe i’m a
w—e, maybe i’m filthy, maybe i’m a s–t,
she might be right because i just cant
fathom the reason i did what i did with
you, i shouldnt have done that, i’m sorry,
Maria, i’m sorry, i didnt mean to destroy
the relationship between you and your
‘shut up jare!!’ Maria said cutting Alice
shut ‘you want to be the angel here,
how come a s–t like you cant fathom
the reason she had s-x with a married
man eh? Or do you want to blame it on
the devil again? Listen to me very well,
karma reigns, what you do to another
will come to you, for you to sleep with a
married man, another s–t from another
wretched family if not your own family
will sleep with yours!!’
Tony closed his eyes in anger and
gripped Maria’s neck strongly as if he
was going to strangle her any moment
and Alice feared he would. She could
swear she saw his eyes turn green as
he tightened his grip on Maria’s neck,
Maria fought for air, all to no avail?
What will happen next? Find out

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