A bright light appeared from nowhere.
It was as bright as the light that blinded
Saul on his way to Damascus to
persecute the christians. Nneka saw the
light and frowned ‘i wonder why this
ghost wont just remain in her place. Its
high time i tie down her spirit so she
wont just be appearing and
disappearing at ease!’ Nneka said.
Where Maria sat, holding her neck as if
she was preventing it from falling,
unable to say a word, unable to believe
that it was her dad doing these, she
saw the bright light, then afterwards
her mother. She felt so relieved at
seeing her, she nearly jumped on her
but knew the implications at doing
‘mummy, please save me, daddy is
coming for me’ Maria said as Tony
advanced twords her, to finish what he
was doing before he was interrupted.
‘dont worry my dear, he wont hurt you.
This isnt ordinary my dear, an evil force
is working inside of him’ Naomi sid
with an angelic smile.
‘an…an evil force? How?’ Maria asked.
‘i once told you that…..’
‘NAOMI!’ came a voice from the
doorway. It was Nneka standing there
with blazing eyes. Tony stopped in his
tracks, not blinking, nothing, like he
became a statue all of a sudden.
Maria turned in fright ‘grandma’. She
wanted to run to her for safety
‘dont’ Naomi said and she stopped.
‘Naomi, what are you doing here? Why
cant you just remain in your grave for
crying out loud? Why always come to
interfere with the lives of people, the
living for God’s sake!!’ Nneka said in
‘why shouldnt i come to interfere when
the lives of the people i loved dearly are
in danger because of you? Havent you
done enough? Is my life not okay for
you and that devilish queen of yours?’
‘will you shut up? Listen to me Naomi, i
was watching something very
interesting before you interrupted so
you better disappear so…..’
‘so you can shut my spirit? Well, i wont. I
wont let you kill my husband and
daughter the way you killed me!!’
Maria’s mouth flew open immediately.
‘i killed you because you were of use to
me!!’ Nneka said.
‘and what has Alice done to you? Do you
even know her before?’
‘yes, she’s the daughter of my ex’
‘is that why you want to kill her?’
‘i dont kill out of my own free will, i kill
when the need arises and most times, i
only follow orders’
‘was it an order to kill me?’
‘not really, but i used you as a voluntary
sacrifice. Because you werent co-
operative. Every first daughter of a
kuvudu member becomes a kuvudu
member the moment she gets married
‘and you killed me because i refused to
‘yes, your spirit was too strong for me
to manipulate so i did what i knew was
the best solution, killing you’
‘and you want to kill my daughter too?’
‘well yes, she is too rude and
headstrong for my liking, just like you’
‘and my husband?’
‘Tony did nothing to me so i have no
plans of killing him’
‘grandma, are you a witch?’ Maria asked.
‘not a witch, an occultist’ Nneka said
with an evil smile….

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