This article is meant to be controversial, because a lot of disagreements should definitely arise concerning this subject.

I have a friend who recently broke up his 5 year old relationship, and I’ve never seen him so happy in forever. This is not to say he never enjoyed the relationship, but the air around my friend is so much different, he has more time to think about things and he makes smarter decisions now.

You might say it depends on the kind of spouse you pick, but I tell you, every female, good or bad, makes a man’s life difficult to an extent, maybe more or maybe less than a lot. But a woman will make your life difficult, and that is a fact.

1. You stay away from trouble

Women in nature, attract attention. They are constantly out with the crave for attention, with attention comes the need to defend your territory, and sometimes it gets messy. I have a friend who had to leave his house and neighborhood because his girlfriend insulted all these street cultists, her boyfriend went to intervene, and he became the main target. The girl walks free in that area till date, but the guy has a big red X on his head now.

2. You have the time to focus on yourself

As a young man with a lot of life ambitions, who hasn’t gotten to where he ought to be, you do not need to have a full time girlfriend or spouse who takes up your time, whose full time job is turning your life into a quagmire. You need to concentrate on your life, and you need time to do that, you need time to organise yourself and build your worth.

3. You become Economically progressive

With the increase in the number of females looking for relationships as a way out of poverty and stress of making money, it is important you stay away from every form of commitment to females until you make a headway financially. It is no news that our country is going through a gruesome recession, it is obviously wise to do what helps you save the little you make.

4. You don’t have to worry about being called a cheat

This is as simple as math, with no relationship whatsoever, you can’t be called a cheat.

5. Free from the emotional brouhaha women bring

I tell you, beyond any standard measure of truth, women pack and bring the emotional brouhaha and turn the heat up inside your head, they tune you inside out and leave you clueless most of the time, they make everything look like your fault, they require someone much attention and affection, if you give them as much as they require, they’ll say you’re giving too much, and that becomes a problem. To checkmate such confusion and keep your life free from such craziness, stay single.

I know most of you will ask how to achieve pleasure for the soul and body without their vagina, for verily I say unto you, among the women-kind, there is a cool specie who prefer a no strings attached relationship, although rare, but worthwhile.

Moreso, brothels are available, intimacy gadgets and Vaseline too.

Until they are needed, they are not needed!


Credit: kilonis

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