Queen Lateef felt as though fire from
nowhere was consuming and the
supposed fire was coming from the
lifeless or better still unconcious body of
Alice which was lying on the long red
table. Queen Lateefa disappeared and
reappeared front of Alice’s body
‘aarggghhh!’ she screamed loudly and
disappeared and reappeared on her
throne. She felt as though her whole
body was on fire. She could hear it, yes,
it was louder now.
‘God, please save her life. Let not the
hands of the evil ones get to her. You
said it in the book of…..’
Queen Lateefa screamed as more heat
engulfed her body. Then she fell from
her throne and shouted the name of
kuvudu to come save her. She felt she
was melting and she screamed
‘nooooo! I cant go back to what i was,
Kuvudu, please help!!’ but Kuvudu was
nowhere. Slowly, Queen Lateefa turned
into a pool of water and dried up. That
was her end. Suddenly, Alice coughed
loudly and woke up. She looked around
in surprised not knowing what she was
doing there. Howeer, when Alice closed
and reopened her eyes, she found
heself at her house.
Meanwhile Nneka woke up. She didnt
know why her whole body was heating.
Then her calabash broke. And a piece
entered her eyes. Then she ran out
screaming. Tony, Rhoda and Maria
rushed to her.
‘mama, whats wrong? Why are you
screaming?’ tony asked.
‘my eyes, my eyes’
‘what happened to your eyes grandma?’
Maria asked.
‘i killed Naomi, yes i did. I did it for a
reason. Ah my eyes! I killed the unborn
child. Yes, i killed my parents, i wanted
to also kill tony and Maria. My eyes oo’
Nneka confessed taking everyone aback
‘i wanted to kill Alice too. I belong to
kuvudu, a strong marine cult’
Tony drew back in shock ‘eh?’

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