For a while in the celebrity circles, Five Star Music chairman, E-money, has been the definition of affluence and the good life, with one visit to his Instagram page enough to make most people salivate and aspire more for the good life. From his very defined dress sense and style, to the assorted lot of machines or automobile devices in his garage, to the palatial ambience of his mansion, E-money had reigned supreme as the king of affluence. That was then. Now, he has serious competition from the Psquare brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye, whose displays of their luxurious Lekki homes recently have blown away the minds of many of their followers.
By comparison of what they have put out through their social media handles, Legend Vibes is out to ascertain what you think of their display. The goal is to determine who the new King of Affluence or Luxury is in the Nigerian celebrity world today. Of course, while the net worth of most Africans is not usually verifiable, for reasons best known to Africans, we can still make informed deductions from summing up what these guys put on display, with emphasis on their homes. We leave the final assessment in the debate of who should get the crown of affluence to you our esteemed readers.


E-Money’s money trail is hard for many to trace, but from what we gather, he is he has interest in entertainment and oil. A rather astonishing rise to wealth story, E-Money had defined affluence and flamboyance for a while in the celebrity circles.
Take a Peep into his World!

With a musical career that has spanned over a decade, multiple endorsements, sold out shows and world tours, Psquare have amassed the kind of wealth many fellow celebrities would envy. Unlike many people who have money that doesn’t reflect in their lifestyle, the Psquare duo are deliberately stylish and flamboyant in their approach to the good life. But does that mean they are the kings of celebrity affluence in Nigeria today? Check out their mansions and interiors in this ‘versus’ battle with E-money

Paul, aka Rudeboy Psquare
These guys are having it and flaunting it. But who is King of the Mansions? Mind you, we are not looking at the Psquare brothers as a unit here. In other words, it’s E-Money versus Peter or Paul. Over to you.

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