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Life they say life isn’t always a bed of roses; nonetheless it shouldn’t be a spine in chassis or thorns in the eye. For Tamara, life had volunteered to be thorns in her flesh. She had thought her pain would alleviate after her delivery, but Tamara was wrong.

Adarian and her mother–Xtiana had never for once made life a bit comfortable even after she delivered her baby . Her baby–a very beautiful girl she named Amanda. Amanda had been the only reason why Tamara still survived the surface of the earth, more so, her mother austere warning that she needed to use her power to avenge her father’s death even more importantly her own death. But to Tamara, something had remained so confused to her, and that was the fact she had been unable to access her powers. And that had been one of the reasons Adarian had taken delight to bullyrag her.

Unlike Tamara, Adarian had successfully triggered her own powers right from when she was fourteen years old. She had been able to fully transform into wolf. Her wolf–an Arctic wolf was superbly borne of stalwartness, was gigantic tall that always enticed an aura of fear around it. Adarian’s wolf was way malefic unlike that of her mother whose wolf was gnomish like some pups, lacked strength and looked so tensile all the time. The first time Tamara saw her Adarian wolfed out, she couldn’t help but cower under it. She wondered how she was able to trigger her ability so soon with less grooming while she who had been predicted to be the last sentinel had not been able to enjoy the feat. And to Adarian chagrin, that had made her to disdainfully bemock her and treat her like a turd of some sort.

Despite all these, Tamara was still patient and hopeful about the future; her future gleaned brightness in midst of clouds. She knew that by the time her own ability start spuding, she would become more powerful than Adarian and that her wolf; would become the King of all the wolves in Laraba. That was what her mother had told her; she had told her she was born to be the last sentinel of werewolves kind and the hope of Laraba. All this thought had kept Tamara surviving and scaling through all the inhumane and cruel attitude meted on her by Adarian and her mother.

But Tamara’s hope was soon tarnished when on a particular morning the council had invited her to the meeting to appoint her as the last sentinel, following the previous predictions about her. None of them was aware of her inability to tap into her powers. They all believed she had also become a werewolf since Thalia–the messenger had vaticinated her even before her birth, then none of them could have thought Tamara could still be a wuss and weakling that couldn’t even transform into an ant not to talk of a wolf.

On getting to the meeting, they all applauded her as the lucky girl to be their last sentinel; the virtue in which every other person would climb mountains to clutch, Tamara was happy. Very happy because being the sentinel meant she would be the doyenne of every werewolf in Laraba, even Xtiana who happened to be the alpha would have to submit to her authority. When she said Yes; nobody would dare say no! She thought that was actually what she deserved after being through so many ulcerated events that surrounded her life.

But Tamara’s heart skipped a bit when Xtiana had demanded to comment before appointing their new sentinel. Tamara had envisaged Xtiana was up to no good especially when she arched her eyebrows like a kaleidoscope but there was nothing she could do.

“As we can see,” She started, “having the last sentinel means we have to remain docile to that one person that will be able to lead us to the survival. The person, which in strength and sinewy we can’t match hers. She needs to posses what it takes to lead us to war and claim the victory, someone who has fully-fledged into being werewolf and not just ordinary a pup but a gigantic one to the core.”

“What are you driving at Xtiana ?” A man putting on spectacle had foamed at her.

“Mr Bells, I don’t think Tamara has what it takes to be our last sentinel.”

Groans of different forms and sound of feet dragging engrossed the room. Tamara had her mouth opened wide till a pismire entered it.

“And what makes you said that. ?” It seemed it was only Mr Bells that was blessed with the right effrontery to confront her.

“Maybe you should ask her yourself, she knows.”

Every pairs of system shifted on Tamara’s side expecting her to acquit herself from Xtiana’s squalid clain, but Tamara couldn’t do that. All she did was cry.

A very wickedest gratified smile mounted up Xtiana’s face, at least now that she had been able to thwart everything for her now she would try maneuver the virtue to her side.

“Whereby I know someone who in no doubt could possibly be the last sentinel?”

Another muffled groans stomped into the room. Groans that reeked of doubts and incertitude over what she said.

“And who is that person ?” Mr Bells queried contumeliously, but hadn’t gotten the answer from Xtiana’s mouth when a soft long legs strutted inside the room. They all looked up to see the strutter that owned those beautiful pairs of legs; it was Adarian.

“She is that person.” She pointed to her daughter.

Tamara couldn’t take it anymore. Tears cascaded her eyes like drizzling ocean. Her place was about to be stolen from her, she wasn’t going to accept that. She knew she was still callow and had not matured into being a totipotence werewolf, she was aware she didn’t carry the ability of being the last sentinel at that time but she believed her ability would spud out at the right time. So it was unjust to oust her out of her place.

“This is unfair, I’m the last sentinel. I’m the hope of werewolf kind–that’s what my late mom told you and you’all know that. Don’t let her deceive you ..”

Xtiana prowled to her and bequeath her a slap. The slap shut her mouth immediately and opened another spurge of tears.

“I implore you to give Tamara and Adarian a test to make the best choice of our sentinel .” Xtiana begged the committee, while every members nodded in unison.

“Is there anyway to carry out the test ?” Bellz asked.

Then a particular woman with a half buxomness body stood up to buttress Xtiana’s point and to answer Bells question.

“First, the two contestants have to transform and second, they have to fight each other. With that, we can choose the strongest of the two.”

Everyone chirked up the idea except Tamara who knew she couldn’t transform.

Immediately, Adarian shed her cloth away revealing her sleekly unlined body. Then she stooped down and started transforming; her neck and legs snapped and gradually but swiftly elongated taking a shape of the wolf, hairs sprouted out her from her face while her silky unlined face morphed into her wolf bringing out grizzled muzzle, long bushy tail spudded out from it hind while thick fur appeared allover her body. In less than a minute, Adarian had transformed into the most mammoth lycanthrope they had ever seen.

Eyes widened, mouth opened and jaw dropped at the sight of the beast. None of them had expected a wolf as mammoth to be among them.

The committee now turned to face Tamara for her to transform; but she couldn’t instead she was still crying.

“It’s better you stop crying and transform you guttersnipe. Or you want to tell us you are not fledge enough to do that ?” Xtiana bellowed slyly.

“There is no need of that.” Tamara jeered up and use the back of her hand to wipe her waterworks tears. “I retreat from taking the position of the last sentinel. I believed Adarian here deserved it more than I do, so she can have it.” She simply said.

On hearing that, the committee had no choice than to make Adarian their last sentinel. And immediately, Adarian saw that as an opportunity to bullyrag her more. So she demanded Tamara to be her personal maid so she can serve her as their last sentinel. They had no choice than to immediately consent to her request.


The boy who can’t fall in love— that was the new sobriquet given to Jamal Kenz by the hordes of girl after him when he got enrolled at Hilaire Belloc College. Life with Mr Rominick and his son was peaceful for him. Jamal was lucky to have come across such amicable family; now he needed not to be clochard or an urchin who found solace on the street. An urchin that stole to survive the sordid life hovering the street.

Within two days of being adopted into Rominick’s home, he had made an unfermented friendship with Hilton–who happened to be the only surviving son of Rominick. And Jamal had even loved the fact that the two teens were coeval in age. The bond between the two strengthened more even when Hilton told him he would love to see him as brother. For now, Jamal’s life was perfect and he had wished it continued like that.

Having enrolled at one of the prestigious college in the city–Hilaire Belloc College, he knew he was finally bobsleighing to the greatness he dreamt and wished for. A medical practitioner. His life was so perfect. So perfect that he couldn’t trade anything for it, well except for two prominent persons he had lost. Tamara and her mother. Every nights, the images of horrid night her mother was killed always slunk into his dreams with the day Tamara was presumed dead by Meshach. Each of them always appear so pristinely and not blurred that Jamal would think the dream was real. He would wake up sweating and panting like a farmished gecko cussing the Larabas for taking the two people out his life. If he ever had the chance to avenge their death, he would not hesitate.

Now, all these entities had thawed Jamal to become a very strong and indurate teenager even while in college. Girls had always lust after him, while some loved him a bunch, some developed a strong infatuation towards him. His natural cute face embodied with red shaped lips, pointed nose staying between two chromatic eyeballs and arrow shaped mouth had always been what attracted fleet of college girls to him. His smiles also — God! Jamal smiles could make an aggressive lioness winked at his predator and forget about snagging, or better still, it would melt the stony hearts of the Jewish that put the biblical Jesus on the cross. His smiles had a way of enticing clump of girls around him everyday just to get a glimpse dose of it to have a smiling day. But unfortunately for them, Jamal had always snubbed them whenever he met any of the them, maintaining no beauty could be compared to the one Tamara had, more so, he wasn’t ready to fall in love with any girl. Even if he meant being a celibacy all through his lifetime, Jamal was ready give it a try. And that was the reason these girls bestowed him a nickname–the boy who can’t fall inlove. Nevertheless, something happened one day, something that really changed the course of event.

It was on Monday morning, Jamal and Hilton arrived at their school, on climbing the stairway to their classrooms, of course Jamal had noticed clump of eyes tailing and piercing all around him. He introduced his mousse smile on his face to act as if he didn’t care about them. Hilton had started tapping him to see those staring at him. Hilton on his own always lamented on why he wasn’t the one getting loads of attention from all these girls; he often bragged he wouldn’t fail have s-x with all of them. Having s-x with hordes of girl was like a trophy to the male-bawd.

“What’s it?” Jamal snarled at Hilton who wouldn’t stop hitting him.

“You ain’t seeing what I’m seeing right ?”

“Yes, cuz ain’t seeing the fugly you are seeing .”

“But this ain’t fugly dude, just take a look at her. I’m sure she’ll be the most beautiful girl you’ve ever come across.”

“That’s impossible dude.”

“If you see her and you think she ain’t the one feel free to slap me man.” Hilton blabbed.

“Oh really?”

“Yes man”

“Are you sure ?”

“Yes man. The girl is a angel and if you think she’s not slap me man.”

“Hmm. Ok.” Jamal muttered.

Then Jamal looked up to see the girl Hilton applauded, sighed and gave Hilton a resounding slap. Hilton’s face reddened. The slap had successfully returned him to default settings.

“Owwww.” He groaned rubbing his cheek. “What the hell is that for ?”

“First, She isn’t the most beautiful girl I’ve come across. Tamara is beautiful than her. Secondly, she doesn’t look like an angel to me.” Jamal replied and continued walking.

Hilton scoffdled, while Jamal bumped into the same girl Hilton paeaned about.

“Hey.. I’m sorry. I-I m. M just wasn’t concentrating.” Jamal stuttered. He knew it was intentional, the girl had deliberately made it appear he bumped into her but he feigned ignorance and apologized to her.

“No problem.” The girl said with a charming voice. Jamal realised even though the girl wasn’t as beautiful as his dead friend–Tamar, the girl was still extremely appealing compare to the rest of the college girls.

“Ok.” Jamal simply said and waited for silence to take over. And it took over.

“Hi angel, I’m Hilton.” Hilton stretched his hand, he’d decided to break the silence but the girl hauled him an unsightly snub. Instead she faced Jamal and said;

“I’m Adarian.” She stretched her hand for an handshake.

“I’m J…”

“The boy who can’t fall in love.” Adarian quickly retorted cutting him short. Jamal smiled and Adarian almost melt into brew.

“Oh you know ?”

“Yes I do. Every girls in this school do”

“Well its good you do.”

Adarian frowned and looked serious while she cautiously picked her next words. She opened her scenic mouth and she said;

“But I will make you fall in love with me.”

Story continues…

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