28 Salvation Road Episode 9
I was sitting with the boys in the parlor, we were talking about football and normals guys stuff , Chuks was doing something on his laptop but he chipped in on the discussion whenever he felt like , he was still avoiding me , whenever I brought up a topic for discussion, he tried not to contribute to it . I was also expecting vallery , I had earlier gone to get a pack of Fumman juice and kept in the table fridge in my room , I also bought short bread biscuit , at least , I would entertain her with that , it is certainly not too much for someone that would get me out of this shit with Chuks . My phone soon rang and it was Vallery, she said she was at my gate , I excused myself from the guys telling them that my babe was outside, they all yelled na woman go kill you as I went out, I opened the gate and saw Vallery looking very beautiful , I hugged her before complimenting her beauty , I ushered her into the house and introduced her to my guys, they started making some funny sounds as I led her to my room, I gave them the middle finger ,
Damn , seeing that beautiful damsel walk into Femi ’ s room made me to realize that it have been months since I last got laid , I immediately had a hard on when her ass faced me , I had to stylishly cross my legs to conceal the bulge , and all this bitches no dey around, I for use style go fuck sandra, I don ’ t keep relationships , the last time I did I was badly hurt , so ever since then , I use them the whores to satisfy my sexual needs. I still don ’ t know how Femi manages to get all this fine babes, like I still wonder what they see in him, is it his skinny body ? Or his mumu side beards , no doubt the dude is handsome but that does not mean that girls should be getting magnetized to him like he got some magnets on him, the hard on refused to cool down this time so I excused myself from the two cousins and went to my room where I jerked off with Vallery on my mind.
We were all in the sitting room discussing , I was making some adjustments to my curriculum vitae when Femi excused himself saying his babe was outside, he soon came inside with a very good looking girl , I must confess the girl was probably the finest I had seen, I noticed Noel and Mekus swallowing hard at the sight of the angel , he introduced her to all of us before ushering her into his room , nice to know that femi is straight, it would have been quite uncomfortable to be living in the same house with a fag , in fact , it would have been super uncomfortable , just the thought of a guy even making advances at another guy makes me wanna puke , good to know am not living with a gay .
When we entered my room , I told her to please sit which she did on the bed, I brought out the juice and short bread from the fridge and served her , while she was eating , I turned on my laptop, I knew she would want to see a movie so I opened my romance folder , that ’ s the folder where I have almost all the romantic movies you can think of , she only took a glass of the juice before joining me on the bed, she took my laptop and started checking the movies, she saw one that caught her interest and played it, I had seen the movie numerous times so I knew all the scenes and almost all the words that were said in each scene, as the movie played on , she rested her head on my chest and that was all I needed to start making my own moves, I began to rub my hands on her hair and at the same time I played with her ear , the movie got to a scene where the girl asked the guy how deep his love was , I paused the movie and started quoting the guy while looking into her eyes .
Me : my love for you goes deeper than the atlantic ocean , it goes deeper than the bottomless pit, you would have to dig deeper than you would while mining crude oil , my love for you is deeper than the word deep When I finished quoting the guy , she was blushing
Vallery: where you talking to me ?
Me : * looks around the room* is there any other person in this room?
Vallery: are you s ….
Before she could finish the sentence I silenced her with a kiss , the kiss lasted for more than three minutes , I broke the kiss and moved away my laptop, I drew her closer to me and resumed the kissing again , my hand began to move to her boobs , I fondled those twins through her clothes , I made her to lay on her back, I climbed on her and resumed the kissing , soon our clothes were flying here and there , when we were completely naked , I began to suck on her boobs , I sucked them like I was expecting milk to flow out of them , her nipples though , they were as large as the average man ’ thumb, I continued sucking while she continued encouraging me with her low moans , I went down to her pussy , I bent down and smelled it , it smelled like a combination of honey and vanilla , yummy ! Without wasting time, I dug my tongue in and began to devour her , I found her g spot and began to tease it, I inserted one of my fingers in and began to finger fuck her , my tongue was at work , my finger was working, she was moaning but was trying as hard as possible not to shout until it hit her , her climax , with her eyes closed, her hands held the foam tightly, she shouted to the heavens, oh gawd !! Gawd !!! This feels so good ! did I hear her say feel so good ? Wait until you get the real d. I gave her sometime to come back from the heavenly bliss I sent her , it took her about ten minutes to return , immediately she opened her eyes, I climbed on her and positioned my dick at her entrance, I parted her legs for easy penetration and zoom I dug in, my d**k was at its maximum height of 8 inches , I slowly buried my whole length into her , she gave out that ouch !
Sound when she swallowed me completely, her pu**y was very tight on my dick just the way I like it , I had to wait for her pu**y to get used to housing my monster before I started going in and out, I started with slow but deep thrusts , I would go in, make circular movement with my d*ck before going out again , I did this for more than ten minutes before I increased my pace , sooner rather than later I began to bang her , I raised her two legs and rested them on my shoulders, my two hands were on her two boobs , I began to f**k her silly, her low moans gained momentum and soon she could not hold it again as her second orgasm hit her , she began to scream begging me to slow down but I was pass listening , my target was my own climax , I continued fucking her while fondling her breast , she began to move up the bed in attempt to escape my monstrous d**k , as she was moving up , I was moving with her , giving her harder thrust every time she made me move , I soon slowed down to give her some breathing space but she urged me to continue going hard and off course I obeyed her , I banged for another five minutes before my climax came rushing down on me , I took off my dick from her pussy and let the sperm pour on her belly , my cum that day was enormous , damn !

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