Zimnews reports that Gift Kazembe took a deadly pesticide because he couldn’ t come to terms with the fact that his wife , Shelter Maura , was having intercourse with their former employee , a herdboy.
According to the report , the alleged relationship between the wife and the unidentified employee, is said to have started sometime in 2015 when the two accompanied each other to a local Church .
Gift started suspecting and questioned the wife who professed ignorance. However , all hell broke loose when he was given a tip off by his friends that shelter was in love with their employee.
Upon receiving the tip off , he chased away the boy in a bid to protect his marriage following the suspicion . However, this did not deter them fro seeing each other secretly.
The wife who is asthmatic purportedly left home for a local clinic to collect some tablets the day the incident happened , the report added .
The husband secretly followed his wife and caught her having sex with the herdboy in the bush .
Gift got infuriated , went back home where he drank a cotton pesticide leading to his death


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