Tony didnt know whether to scream or
shout or slap the living hell out of
Nneka. What she was saying wasnt
making sense at all. How could a mother
kill her own daughter simply because
she refused to join kuvudu or whatever.
‘mama, you did all of that?’ he asked,
knowing it was a stupid question.
‘my eyes oo. Somebody help!!’ Nneka
‘what happened to your eyes? You are a
very wicked woman! A devil incarnate, a
wolf in sheep clothing!!’ Tony shouted.
Days after Nneka left the house blind
and mad, things returned back to
normal. Tony and Alice were still friends
though, to the anger of Maria.
Gilbert was out of town for a business
transaction. Stella sold her property and
relocated to Ghana. Well, Jessica and
Uche got married.
A month passed and Tony realised how
much he loved Alice and they started
dating and two months later, he
proposed to her and she accepted.
That was when Gilbert returned to
Lagos more thanb determined to get
Alice and Maria was more than
determined to set them apart.
Alice was just coming out of the house
when she saw the last person she
expected to see, someone she hadnt
seen in months.
She rubbed her eyes again to be sure
‘in body and in soul baby’ Gilbert said
with an evil smirk.
‘what are….where the hell have you
been since?’
‘i will take it that you missed me darling’
‘shut up!!’ Alice barked ‘get out of here
now before i lose my temper even
though i’m already losing it’
Gilbert laughed ‘you should know me
well by now, i dont back down easily’
‘and thats what gonna land you in
prison….like last time’ Alice said waving
her hands.
Gilbert thought he saw a ring on her
middle finger, so he went closer to take
a better look.
‘you….you are engaged? Tony Brown?
That b—–d’
‘first of all, let me correct your mistake,
Tony is not a b—–d and as an answer
to your question, yes, i’m engaged. To
him’ Alice answered with pride.
Gilbert felt like dying now. Tony Brown
was winning and he would never allow
When Alice saw he wasnt answering,
she moved over to her black murano
which Tony had gotten for her as a
birthday gift last month.
‘is that your car? That fool bought it for
you right?’ Gilbert asked stopping Alice
who turned and smiled.
‘yes, he got it for me. Got a problem
with that? (chuckles) I understand that
you cant afford it. I mean you are
driving a toyota camry yourself’
Those words pained Gilbert ‘wealth isnt
‘love is everything’ Alice said, entered
her car and zoomed off.
Gilbert brought out his phone and
dialled Collin’s number.
‘get the boys ready. Tony Brown dies
tonight. I cant take it any longer’ Gilbert

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