We are all familiar with social media in this 21st century where almost everyone is a digital/tech nomad or geek. However, due to its unhindered accessibility to all, many people abuse it.

And unlike in the past where social media is not on the list of causes of breakups, today it is arguably on top of the list. This is why it is essential for you to be conscious of what you post on social media in order to save yourself from potential relationship headaches. Here we with you 5 of these things. You may think it is harmless, but it can result in serious consequences.

Anything personal about your partner, without his or her permission
You know that your post is an important expose about your relationship, but you still went ahead to share it. Your partner will not feel good. This said, if you can’t control your cravings, you can ask your partner to be for permission before you post it. It’s safer this way.
Relationship Issues
If you and your partner get into a fight, you may want to rant to your Facebook fans about how much pain you are going through, if you do that, you are reducing your chances of resolving the issues. Constantly posting your relationship problems is information strangers don’t need to know. Don’t be like Tiwa Savage.
Your nude pictures
No matter how much you love your body, the whole world doesn’t need to see it. Always keep your nudes to yourself. Your partner will be embarrassed if others see sensitive parts of your body which are meant to be private.
Your breakup
Spare everyone the details of your breakup. If you and your partner break up, the emotional mess is enough to clean up without having to field comments and advice from the relationship advisors. Keep it simple. If it’s over, it’s over. No need to broadcast it to the world which many of us do these days.
Personal conversations
Don’t post personal conversations, not only is it wrong but it’s rude. Even if someone messages you saying something nasty about them, don’t put them on the hot seat. You should be matured enough to ignore, delete it and move on.

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