‘did you hear that?’ Alice asked as she
went closer to the window to take a
‘please step back. Dont go close to my
window alright?’ Maria said, though
Alice ignored her. Then she saw three
gunmen, all pointing thier guns at the
gateman and from the way Aliyu, the
gateman laid on the floor, she
suspected that gunshot was for him.
She hurriedly closed the window. ‘Maria,
we are in danger. There are three
gunmen in this house and they just shot
‘what?!’ Maria nearly fainted. She had
heard stories about armed robbery but
have never had an experience and
never prayed to have one. ‘my God!’
‘what do we do now?’ Alice asked biting
her finger, she was scared, terribly
Maria eyed her angrily ‘this is all because
of you!! You are badluck and you carry
your badluck everywhere you go!! Look,
if anything bad happens to anyone inn
this house, then….’
‘this is not the time to blame me for this.
Besides, what do you mean? That i
invited the armed robbers here?’
‘no one knows what someone this
desperate as you are can do’ Maria said
and took a peep outside from her
window ‘they are coming inside!! Jesus
the door opened and Alice and Maria
held each other in fear. They however
heaved a sigh of relief when it turned
out to be Tony.
Maria pushed Alice away and ran into
his arms ‘daddy, armed robbers. Alice
has brought her badluck here! You see
dad, shebi you have seen’ Maria said as
she trembled in her dad’s arms.
However, anger engulfed her when
Tony left her and moved over to the
frightened Alice.
‘darling, are you alright?’ he took Alice in
his arms ‘dont be scared, i’ve already
called the cops. I was watching them
from the cctv outside. Dont worry, the
cops would soon be here’ he kissed her
Maria winced. Her dad hadnt said a
word to her and he didnt even try to
make her fears go away. He didnt even
call her any pet name neither did he
even kiss her forehead. Hot tears flowed
down her cheeks. Alice was not only
taking her mum’s place in her father’s
heart but also her own place.
They heard a loud bang from
downstairs. Its either they had broken
the door or they were knocking or they
just shot someone again. Maria nearly
peed on her body. She was so scared,
she wanted to run to her dad but
seeing how Alice was clunging to her
dad like a second skin, she thought
against it.
Who would she run to now? Her witch-
grandmother had run mad and left the
Her mother was late. No cousins or
So she just held herself.
‘let me go downstairs and see whats
happening’ Tony said.
Alice frowned ‘are you okay? Do you
want to die? Please dont go anywhere, i
dont want to die. Neither do i want
anything to have to our baby!’
Tony kissed her ‘dont worry, nothing
will hapen to me, just stay here, dont
leave here. This is the only safe place for
you. You know i wouldnt let anything
happen to you right? I love you’
‘i love you too’ Alice said as tears flowed
down. Tony patted her and walked out
without as much sparing a glance at
Maria watched her father leave the
room. She was scared for him. But he
didnt even care if she was safe or not.
He didnt even tell her that nothing will
happen to her, at least, so she could
smile a little. He didnt give her any
attention. He gave all his attention to
Alice alone.
Alice moved towards her ‘Maria, dont
worry all would be fine’ she tried
holding her but Maria pushed her hands
‘dont touch me. I hate you. You stole my
father’s love away from me, i will never
forgive you never!’ Maria said and ran
out of the room.
‘Maria! Dont go out there, its too
dangerous’ Alice said after her but Maria
didnt come back….

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